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Sex Education Season 3: Netflix Release Date?

The third season of “Sex Education” finally has a start date. Fans don’t have to wait long.

In April, the production for the third season of “Sex Education” had to be postponed due to the Corona crisis. After a long break, the stars of the series were finally able to return to the set. Most of the hard work now seems to be over as the new episodes are about to begin.

When does “Sex Education” season 3 start on Netflix?

Season 3 of “Sex Education” release on September 17th on Netflix. This is how the official Instagram account of the streaming platform announced:–

The first photos already show that some changes will be imminent at Moordale High. The students suddenly wear a school uniform and, judging by the second photo, Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) go on air together. The penultimate picture in the collection shows Jemima Kirke (“Girls”) as the new director (via Vogue ) for the first time. She may be responsible for the new dress code, we will find out from September 17th.

“Sex Education” Season 3: What’s Next?

-Attention, spoilers for the finale of season 2 follow from here –

Netflix makes us fidget again at the end of the second season. After Maeve hands her mother over to the authorities, she finds solace in her seemingly understanding neighbor, Isaac. But he doesn’t necessarily have her best in mind. After Otis has taken an entire season to get off his selfish trip, he confesses his love to Maeve in a soulful message. The wily Isaac, however, uses an unobserved moment to erase the message.

Maeve’s inadvertent radio silence is sure to break Otis’ heart, and as we know him, he won’t be confronting her directly anytime soon. On the flip side, Maeve will continue to wonder what if, even though happiness would actually be so close. But sooner or later Isaac’s dirty secret has to come to light and then Maeve has to deal with the next breach of trust. Hopefully Otis won’t run into the arms of the next best in season 3 – although, in fact, it’s very likely that that’s exactly what happens.

Elsewhere, Adam confesses his feelings to Eric in front of the whole school, which Eric happily returns. However, the romantic moment has its downside. Rahim’s heart is broken in front of the assembled crew. There is something to Rahim’s warning at the end. Adam is an unreliable bad boy as it is written in the book. We’ll see how their relationship develops in Season 3.

Jean Milburn gets the shock news that she is pregnant from Jacob. What will she do in this tricky position? Hopefully the two will still get together in season 3. Jean deserved to be happy.

The final saw us off again with a typical cliffhanger. The back and forth between Maeve and Otis is now part of the driving principle of the series. So you can be sure that the two won’t find each other so quickly in the third season either.

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