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The manga “Death Note” has been adapted in many ways, but the anime series has its own special charm. Unfortunately, it stayed with one season, but that could soon change.

Hardly anyone expected that a new chapter would open for “Death Note”, but Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata made this dream come true. The new story “Special One Shot” was published in 2020 and you can read it online at Manga Plus.

“Death Note” Season 2: Is There Any Hope For An Anime Sequel?

For fans of the anime, it has actually been clear for over a decade that the series has ended. After all, Light had to lose his life and the manga was told to the end after a long season. Nevertheless, there was still a spark of hope, because after all there was still an apple-addicted Shinigami and at least one Death Note that could find its way into human hands again.

And now the sequel has come out in manga form and nobody should miss reading it. It takes place in the same world in which Kira was already up to mischief so that we also meet old friends again. It begins with Ryuk, who grabs the Death Note and, out of boredom and because of the desire for apples, is looking for a new human victim to whom he can hand over the deadly notebook. This time it ends up with the clever middle school student Minoru Tanaka.

The smart basic idea that should definitely be adopted.

The idea that the authors had for the sequel is also clever because Tanaka uses the Death Note differently than we have experienced so far. Accordingly, the story takes a different course and the character of Minoru is not corrupted as much as that of Light. Overall, a very exciting approach, and even if the story is only 89 pages long, it would provide enough material for another season. In addition, the end of the new manga shows that the Shinigami is still looking for someone who can enjoy the book for a longer period of time. So it could be that Ohba and Obata still go for it.

So far, however, there are no indications that an anime is in the works. Nevertheless, something could happen in the near future, because the series is very successful to this day and has many loyal fans. We are eagerly looking out for news and will keep you up to date immediately.

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