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Date: 21/02/2022 | No comments Due to the competitive nature of the gambling industry, bonuses are a common sight on almost all casino platforms to attract and ensure that customers continue to play. Their platforms offer bonuses to new customers to give them a head start, and to encourage them to keep playing. Bonuses are also offered to existing customers, usually to reward them for their loyalty and to encourage them to keep coming to the site. Before you say yes to a casino bonus, it is necessary to read the terms and conditions, since some casinos offer redeemable bonuses. Experience has also shown that most casinos that offer too many bonuses are scams. Sometimes, if a bonus is too good to be true, it’s usually a scam.

Types of casino bonuses

There are various types of casino bonuses available for new and existing customers. These bonuses are given at different times for different purposes. Some of the bonus types offered by casinos are listed below.

Welcome bonus

This is the most popular type of bonus. Almost all casinos offer this type to first-timers. It is usually a combination of free spins and a deposit bonus. Most of the time, the welcome bonus is usually an increase of 50%, 100%, 200% or up to 500% on the first deposit.

Deposit bonus

Some operators only give deposit bonuses during the first deposit, a few others do it with every deposit or for some special reasons. In the deposit bonus, a certain percentage is added to the customer’s deposit.

No deposit bonus

Here, new players are offered a chance to play games and win money without actually depositing money. This gives them a chance to familiarize themselves with the games before depositing money. If they’re lucky, they can win good money while they’re at it. This bonus comes with a number of terms and conditions. Some of them are shown below; In some cases, the bonus can only be used on a certain type of game such as 5 food slot machines online, poker, etc. There is usually a recommended number of times a player must play before he is allowed to withdraw winnings. For example, a player can only be allowed to withdraw winnings after he has played the game up to 20 times. There is a maximum number of permitted withdrawals. For example, if a player wins $5000 and the withdrawal limit is $200, he is only allowed to withdraw $200.

Cashback Bonus

This bonus helps to cover the loss to players to a certain extent. There are usually terms and conditions that must be read before it is issued.

Loyalty bonus (VIP)

Casinos always give regular players a chance to join their VIP club. The VIP clubs usually come with many benefits such as massive bonuses, preferential treatment, etc.

Referral bonus

This bonus is given to players who introduce the casino to new players. Players usually receive a referral link, if a new player registers using your link and makes a deposit, the casino will give you a reward. Bonuses are one of the reasons why people spend their free time at online casinos. They are used to reward loyal players and encourage new ones to continue playing.

Benefits of casino bonuses

Leap forward

New players with no previous casino experience can use bonuses to learn the ropes of their preferred games. Bonuses give newbies time to learn the basics of gambling without necessarily breaking the bank. It gives players a taste of the game with very little risk involved.

Reward for loyalty

Bonuses are not just for beginners, there are also some for existing customers. Casinos use bonuses to reward their loyal customers to encourage them to keep playing. For example, there are many bonuses that can be unlocked just by playing on the casino platform for a certain period of time or when a certain deposit has been made. These bonuses have helped many casinos to keep users satisfied.

They let you play new types of games

There are many games available at online casinos. Although most players would love to try them all, they don’t want to take such a risk as they can lose huge sums of money. Bonuses like “no deposit bonus” help users to try new games without risk. They can continue to play the game until they are satisfied or the bonus is used up. Then they can choose to deposit their money to play the game. Playing many games gives users a sense of variety and possibilities, just like watching different series on Netflix.

Lowers the chances of big losses

Bonuses such as “cashback bonus” help to reduce the loss to players. Other bonuses such as deposit bonuses help players gain access to big money winnings from small money deposits. “No deposit bonus” can help people start winning themselves without depositing money.


Almost all available casinos offer bonuses to new and existing customers. The main reason for this is to turn prospects into regular customers and to reward loyal existing customers. However, most of these bonuses have conditions and limitations. Users must read these terms to understand what is required of them before accepting bonuses.