Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Date: 27/04/2022 | No comments Even if the term ‘Netflix and chill’ often refers to more than just watching TV, it’s still incredibly nice to see a good movie together in new and new. On Netflix, new films and series are launched every single month, and there is always a new film to watch together. If you start to get bored during the movie, it’s good to know that you can always play casino directly from your mobile while keeping an eye on the movie too.
Romantic comedy
A sure winner for most park evenings in front of the screen is of course a romantic comedy. Then the laughter will sit loose, the mood will be boosted and at the same time you will create a safe and romantic basis for a nice night videre etter rulletexten. Most women love a good rom-com, as romantic comedies are often referred to. Let her take the lead and choose the next time you find a good romantic comedy, and you can make sure you find popcorn and a soft blanket to crawl under.
Action and casino
Films packed with action, money spills, casinos and various lawless breaks are criticized by both film experts and film fans, and not without reason. It gets the adrenaline pumping, takes you on a journey, and contains puzzles that must be solved along the way. On Netflix you can find both classic casino films and more modern films about money spills and debt. All remember Catch Me If You Can and the famous Casino Royale that took the world by storm. We have previously mentioned 5 cool casino films that should be shown on every screen if you enjoy casino and gambling. This is also a great opportunity to be inspired to play casino yourself. With the phone in your pocket, you can easily show your girlfriend how easy it is to play casino on the net after a casino movie. With the help of good deposit bonuses, you also don’t have to invest a lot to let her see how much fun you can have with a little money. Short fun Noe of the latest on Netflix is ​​the category ‘Short-Ass Movies’, which are shorter films. These last 90 minutes, so you can follow up the evening with a real date or a good dinner, either before or after the film. Netflix has realized that most people need to be able to get quick entertainment delivered to their living room without having to spend an entire evening on the sofa. In the completely fresh category, you’ll find films that don’t end with both sleeping on the sofa, which the vast majority of people have surely experienced after a long day.
Film successes
If you have plenty of time and would like a top-class long feature film, there are many good favorites at the moment. The films Passing, The Power of the Dog, Roma and The Dig are all critically acclaimed films that many have caught during 2022. If you haven’t caught the famous Don’t Look Up yet, it’s on Netflix , and is a ‘must’ film to see after it came out late in 2021. But it is not the only film that addresses relevant themes in society. In order to gain more insight into the metoo movement, Netflix has also launched the film Bombshell to shed light and information on the much talked about theme. Among the favorite movies from 2021 on Netflix we find two Italian films, namely the nostalgic The Hand of God and the more poignant The Life Ahead. If you want a little more sci-fi, the futuristic Ex Machina is recommended, which has some scenes from our beautiful nature in Valldal on Sunnmøre.