Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Young people, actors, and protagonists of a successful series that allows them to attend events travel, and participate in the most luxurious promotional actors, it is not surprising that Elite actors have forged a close friendship. It has already happened with the first generation, from which several couples emerged – Alvaro Rico and Ester Exposito and Maria Pedraza and Jaime Lorente – and whom it was common to see posing in all kinds of scenarios on their social networks. With the passage of time, the increasingly busy work schedules of all of them have alleviated that initial explosion of love a bit, at the same time that they no longer coincide in the filming after their departure from the series.

In the same way, the same story is repeating itself with the new faces that debuted in the fourth season of Elite, who are deeply delighted to have known each other and for months they have published images of different moments together, photographs that are They have made each other and share endless hearts and all kinds of funny comments.

Those in charge of giving life to Ari and Mencia Blanco in the series, Carla Díaz and Martina Cariddi, have been proving for some time that they have become great friends after agreeing on the successful Netflix title, while Manu Rios, Patrick, also appears often in the ‘feeds’ of Instagram both actresses. Precisely the three together have just gone on vacation to Ibiza with other friends, which leads us to think that the filming of the fifth season that was in full swing in the last month may have ended. Or maybe it is just a pause and will resume soon.

In any case, Martina Cariddi, proud, has recently published a collection of photographs behind the cameras of Elite on the social network, accompanied by a loving message to the rest of the cast members: “Thank you, colleagues.”

Although some of the images could belong to the fourth season, the appearance in some photographs of the new cast members makes us think that most of them are behind-the-scenes images of the long-awaited fifth installment. You can see them in Martina’s post below:

The new Elites are Valentina Zenere and Andre Lamoglia, who will be playing two young students from Las Encinas in the new stage, but for which no further details are known.

For their part, it is guaranteed that Carla Diaz, Manu Ríos, Martina Cariddi, and Pol Granch, who has not gone on a trip with them but was present at a recent promotional visit in Paris, will return as Ari, Patrick, Mencia, and Philippe in season 5.

Meanwhile, the trio of interpreters in charge of ordering the Benjamins to have a blast in Ibiza and boasts of friendship, holidays, and some changes of ‘look’ that could also be the definitive proof that the shooting is finished.

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