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Without the knowledge of humans, vampires live among them, who are increasingly responsible for life-threatening attacks. When student Tsukasa Taira also runs the risk of falling victim to such a monster, half-vampire and investigator Yūki Anzai intervenes to save the girl. From now on, Anzai feels it is her responsibility to protect Tsukasa. But even within himself lies the evil that he tries to control with drugs and willpower.

As an adaptation of the manga series of the same name by Ryo Hanada, “Devil’s Line” was the first broadcast in Japan in 2018.

Is “Devil’s Line” getting a second season?

It is not yet known whether there will be a second season of “Devil’s Line”. But: The anime studio Platinum Vision has not yet ruled out a sequel.

Although the first season did not start as successfully worldwide as hoped, there would theoretically be enough material available for season 2: While the first season deals with eight of the 14 manga volumes, six issues in series form remain untold.

It is therefore not entirely unlikely that the “Devil’s Line” audience could be prepared for a second season in the near future – after all, there are always petitions from the fans to persuade the studio to do a sequel. So if you’re longing for a second season too, a signature can’t hurt.

“Devil’s Line” Season 2 Release Date: When will the sequel be out?

Since there has not yet been a green light for “Devil’s Line” Season 2, the release date is still in the stars. Before no official confirmation is published by Studio Platinum Vision, it can be assumed that work on the second season has not yet started.

If there is an announcement, we should have to wait at least a year from then until we see the first pictures of “Devil’s Line” Season 2 – because the production of a single episode can take a month or even up to three months to take. If we assume that season 2 should contain 12 episodes like its predecessor, at least 12 months are necessary to produce the sequel.

Is “Devil’s Line” season 2 coming to Netflix?

The anime series “Devil’s Line” is currently available on Netflix. In addition to the 12 episodes of the first season, the streaming provider also has an epilogue on offer, which takes place around three months after the end of the first season.

Should a second season be released, it is quite possible that fans in Germany will also be able to stream the sequel on Netflix. Before “Devil’s Line” was broadcast online in a dubbed version in this country, the series was available on DVD. So there is also the chance to initially acquire the potential second season in this form.

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