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The first news on the future of the TV series with KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse came in early 2020: Riverdale would be back on The CW for season 5 . As always, the decision to renew is closely linked to the ratings that a show is able to bring to its network.

Over the years the title has been able to build a rather loyal fanbase , which week after week positions itself in front of the television, or via , to witness yet another mystery that surrounds the town and its inhabitants. The passion of the fans undoubtedly was an element in favor of the renewal, as well as the possibility of intertwining the stories of Archie, Jug, Veronica and Betty with those of Katy Keene and other friends in New York – even if then the series is been canceled -, or, closer to home, with Sabrina’s , just across the Sweet Water River (then it was not yet known that the fourth chapter would be the last).

The fifth cycle of episodes represents a new beginning for the show, as in the first episodes ( which should have been the last of the fourth season ) the protagonists graduate and must choose what to do with their life after high school. We have already witnessed the stress that occurs in this important moment of life in 4 × 08 , when the school made available a professional with whom the students were able to let off steam.

Riverdale 5 season release date

In November 2020, the release date of Riverdale 5 season was announced . The CW has chosen to start the television season in January 2022 and in fact the debut took place on January 20, 2022 , followed by season 2 of Nancy Drew .

In the spring the series then went on hiatus and will return to air in the US on August 11 with the second part of the fifth season . We are, therefore, getting closer and closer to returning to one of the most restless towns on the television schedule. According to Deadline , filming was supposed to start in Vancouver between August and September 2020, which then happened.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed on Instagram first the start of pre-production and then that of filming , scheduled for September 14, 2020, after the actors and crew observed the mandatory fourteen-day quarantine provided by British Columbia.

Towards the end of September, however, a new temporary stop took place due to some delays in providing the results for the tests , which then arrived on 6 October, making it possible to restart for the following day . The same thing also happened to The Good Doctor , shot in the same city. Production then ended at the beginning of June .

As for the passage on TV here in Italy , as mentioned, the show with KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse deals with Premium Stories , which welcomed the fifth season of Riverdale on March 4, 2022 . After the airing of the 5 × 10, which took place on May 6, the series has also entered a break with us.

In all likelihood it will resume in the fall, but we will return to the subject as soon as we are sure.

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