Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

As Lucifer’s Season 5B airs on Netflix, rumours about Season 6 are rife. On this subject, it may well be that Tom Ellis has confirmed a time jump.


Lucifer season 6 is eagerly awaited by internet users and viewers. After the broadcast of season 5 in two parts, all await the continuation of the adventures of Tom Ellis.

Know that the key characters will return for the last season 6 of Lucifer. Thus, Tom Ellis, Lauren German, DB Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen) or even Inbar Lavi will be back.

Despite the untimely death of Dan, orchestrated by the villainous Michael, the actor wanted to confirm that he would indeed be present in the last season of the show.

In December, EW announced that actresses Brianna Hildebrand (Deadpool) and Merrin Dungey (AKA) were joining the crew. They will play Lucifer’s sister and a policewoman respectively.

Another spoiler that must be taken into account, the possibility of a jump in time. Indeed, it is the actor Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer, who would have sold the wick.

We also know that season 6 will begin with a time jump, but the actor did not specify the period in question. Oh no.

What caught the fans’ ears was a photo of Tom Ellis on Instagram on the set of Lucifer. The latter wears a costume that looks like the one worn by one of the actors in the movie Back to the Future.


Tom Ellis posed next to the DMC DeLorean car, which is the one found in the hit trilogy. It did not take more for the fans to wonder. And we understand them.

According to the latest indiscretions, the time jump will put the characters in a very special position. We will not be able to find out more. On the other hand, what we know is that season 6 will have 10 episodes. It was the Lucifer Writers Room Twitter account that made this statement.

Many wonders if Michael will become the new Devil. Now that he is banished from Heaven, his place could indeed be in Hell. On the other hand, distrust, because the soul of Dan Espinoza is there and if the brother of Lucifer becomes the king of the kingdom of darkness, he could make Dan suffer. Eh yes.

Joe Henderson has decided to take on the Black Lives Matter movement and Amenadiel’s decision to join the police force. It was again Tom Ellis who made this statement at the last San Diego ComiCon.

“It’s a big part of season 6. We were on Zoom just a few weeks after George Floyd died. And he was on our minds,” Ildy Modrovich told TV Guide. As you will have understood, season 6 of Lucifer is one of all changes, and we can not wait to discover it.

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