Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

One thing is certain: the pay-TV channel Fox will only be shown until September 30, 2022. With the setting of the station, however, a big question remains unanswered: What will happen to the draft horse ” The Walking Dead “?

Many of the previous Fox titles will go to Disney + Star. The exact information about the 11th season of “The Walking Dead” is not yet available. This starts on August 22nd on the US broadcaster AMC.

At least 6 episodes of the new season could be broadcast on Fox before the station disappears. We think it is unlikely that Disney will divide the season like this. It is conceivable that the final season will go straight to Disney + Star and be broadcast there exclusively. As usual, one day after the US broadcast.

In the UK, Fox was already discontinued on June 30th and there season 11 of TWD will start directly on August 23rd on Disney +.

While the August Disney + release has already been released, we’re assuming that Disney doesn’t want to let this big news slip between the announcements of other series. Should TWD Season 11 be broadcast exclusively on Disney +, as suspected, Disney will certainly be worth its own press release.

What does this mean for broadcasting on Netflix?

It’s hard to see if TWD season 11 will even hit Netflix when the series becomes a Disney+ exclusive.

But it may be that AMC has negotiated fixed license agreements with Netflix for all seasons of “The Walking Dead” so that we can see the final season on Netflix with some delay despite the switch to Disney +.

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