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On December 25, 2020, the first season of the Shonda Rhimes TV series debuted, a project of some importance for Netflix, precisely because it involves an important author such as the creator of Grey’s Anatomy. Bridgerton is her first show for the streaming platform, which for the moment we know will shortly follow Inventing Anna, Notes on Love and most recently a prequel to the Julia Quinn saga focused on Queen Charlotte. But this is only the beginning for Rhimes.

After the resounding success of the first season, Netflix has confirmed Bridgerton for a 2 season. Production resumed in the spring and the big N had announced it to its subscribers with a Lady Whistledown- style letter that first communicated the making of new episodes. Here’s what the fearsome gossip expert writes:

“After the gossip of the last few days, it’s an honor for me to tell you that Bridgerton will be officially back for a second season. I hope you have set aside a bottle of ratafià for this delightful occasion.

Bridgerton’s incomparable cast will return to the set in the spring of 2022. The author has been reliably informed that Lord Anthony Bridgerton intends to dominate next season. My pen will be ready to report all its vicissitudes of love.

However, dear readers, before you leave room for requests for sordid details, know that at the moment I am not inclined to report any particular. Patience, after all, is a virtue.

Yours sincerely,
Lady Whistledown “

Advances on the plot

As for the anticipations on the plot of the Bridgerton 2 season, we can tell you that the story refers to the second novel in the saga of Julia Quinn, entitled The Viscount Who Loved Me, already introduced in some way in the first eight episodes.

At the center of the events is another brother Bridgerton, or Anthony, and his search for love, which will culminate in the meeting with Kate, after the end of his relationship with the singer Siena ( Sabrina Bartlett ). The showrunner revealed some details about this new couple, highlighting, among other things, the chemistry that binds the two actors.

What will happen to Daphne, the protagonist of the first season, now that we will see her on stage without the Duke of Hastings? Phoebe Dynevor revealed to Variety some dynamics she would like us to address. For example, given her character’s experience, she would love for Daphne to give her brother some advice along the way.

At the same time, she’d love to see her evolve as both a mother and a woman in Bridgerton 2. Simon will most likely be mentioned often, but the focus will be more on the relationship she has with her family.

As anticipated, Netflix did not limit itself to confirming only the second chapter. The service has in fact renewed the series for another two seasons.

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