Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Corona had postponed the shooting. Belated but not forgotten, the premiere of the fifth season on Netflix is ​​now imminent and the first teaser is already there:

When Does The Fifth Season “Money Heist” Release?

After much speculation that Netflix could continue as early as mid-2022, we are now certain: Part 1 of the fifth season will start on September 3, 2022, the second half of the season will follow three months later, on December 3, 2022. It is calculated with twice ten episodes.

The End of Season 4 Leaves The Professor In A Hopeless Situation

In the fourth season, we, unfortunately, do not see the successful end of the extremely daring bank robbery. Therefore, we can be sure to end up in the well-known setting again in the fifth season. Above all, we hope to find out how the professor’s one-to-one interview with the investigator is developing.

The Professor And Alicia

However, after the joy of the successful rescue mission from Lisbon, the professor has found himself in a very precarious position again. At the end of the season, the foxy investigator Alicia found him in his hiding place and pointed a gun at him. How can he free himself from this situation again? Will he offer Alicia a million? Is she bribable? Or can he even win her over for his mission? Can Marseille save him? Or he can negotiate skillfully because at least he knows that Lisbon is already free. Alicia doesn’t know. In addition, she is heavily pregnant and maybe he even has to help her with the delivery?

Now that the torture of Río has become public and the media are watching the police, he does not need to fear that they will shoot him or take him away illegally. She has a gun but is also a heavily pregnant woman, it would look like the series if she suddenly went into labor through the stress and the eternal hike to the professor’s hiding place and the professor could make himself useful as an obstetrician. Insane, but we’re not ruling that out. If he is arrested, the team is headless, so to speak, the season would be difficult to imagine, so we assume that he can get free in some way.

The actress Alicia posted a video from the set on Instagram, which was then deleted and showed her while filming without a baby bump. This fired the faction among the fans, their thesis that Alicia will have her baby in the predicament for the professor. But even those who say that the baby bump is just a fake are not out of the race.


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