Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Elite 5 season is done! Netflix had already planned the filming of the next chapter before the official announcement of the renewal: all the news on the next developments, including streaming, plot, when it comes out and cast.

By now it really seems that the so-called false renewal strategy has become a custom, especially for Spanish content. This mechanism, in fact, was not reserved only for the teen drama, but the same happened to Alto Mare, La Casa di Carta and The Girls of the Switchboard. As you can imagine, we have not news about the plot of Elite season 5.

Probably the location will once again be La Encinas. At the end of the third chapter, the graduation ceremony took place, which ended the years of high school for most of the protagonists, but the creators chose to replace some elements of the cast and still remain in the school. The same situation could therefore occur.

SPOILER ALERT: Once again, the Season 4 finale was pretty self-contained. We are therefore not able to draw particular advances on what could characterize the plot of the Elite 5 season. What we can tell you is that none of the main characters are dead, but there is a new killer among them who apparently got away with it. We look forward to some updates from the creative team about the new episodes, which may no longer see two historical characters on stage.

Elite 5 release date

That said, you are probably wondering when the new chapter comes out. At present, however, it is too early to know the release date of the fifth season of Elite. What we can tell you is that filming ended in the early summer. The first take should date back to late February / early March 2022. Hypothetically we might be able to see the new episodes in early 2022. We will update you as soon as we know more.

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