Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

It is one of the star series of 2022 and is already among the great favorites to triumph at the 73rd edition of the Emmy Awards, but the success of Mare of Easttown is not enough for the HBO miniseries to return for a second season. Not because it was conceived as a limited fiction from the beginning nor because those involved in the project are not interested, but because, above the desire to want to continue exploring Mare’s story and to provide the audience with new episodes, is the absolute priority to tell something that is truly worthwhile. Something that really lives up to the miniseries developed by Brad Ingelsby and starring Kate Winslet.

That having a good story to tell was the only obstacle to the long-awaited Mare of Easttown season 2 is something that has been talked about a lot in recent weeks, with everyone involved agreeing in their interest and wish that there would finally be a good one the idea that could materialize. However, the latest statements by Kate Winslet went one step further.

The actress has advanced to Deadline that conversations are being held and, although the situation is at the same point, it must be recognized that knowing that they are talking about it puts us a little closer to the order of a second installment.

“I would love to play it again. I certainly believe that there are many more chapters in its history. However, just because the story has connected with people does not necessarily mean that it is creatively possible to do it again. That does not mean closing doors. We are opening doors, exploring what’s behind those doors”

Thus, Winslet makes it clear that the work to find a worthwhile story has already begun. Along the same lines, the creator of the series Brad Ingelsby pointed out a few weeks ago, who has all the weight of what happens on his shoulders. “If we can come up with a story this good, that does justice to the characters and continues the story in an organic yet surprising way, I’d love to do it. I just don’t know what that story is. And that’s the problem right now”, he explained to TVLine.

For their part, from HBO they have limited themselves to respecting what the creator decides: “If Brad [Ingelsby] thinks he has a story to tell and that it was on the same level [as the first one], I think everyone would be open to it. Right now, it doesn’t have that story. Who knows? We will have to wait to see if something occurs to him that will die to tell.”

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