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Even before the end of the second season of the supernatural thriller series ” Evil “, it is clear that season 3 will be a sequel. But first, season 2 will have a summer break after the sixth episode between July 25 and August 29. When season 3 will start at Paramount + is still in the stars.

Is there a start date for “Evil” season 3?

Since not much is known about the third season apart from the official confirmation, a start date is a pure speculation. The shooting of season 2 was delayed due to the corona pandemic, so it started later than planned. Season 3 could therefore start towards the end of 2022.

Is there a trailer for “Evil” season 3?

There are also no trailers or other images available for the new episodes. Should there be any news in this regard, you will of course find teasers and co. With us.

Evil Season 3: Plot

Since season 2 has not yet come to an end, it is not yet known what Kristen, David, and Ben can expect and what to expect in season 3. But the three of them will certainly pursue their tasks and deeds for longer. Kristin kills a killer who looked at her family while David is still planning to be ordained a priest by the Catholic Church. Dr. Leland wants to break the pact he made with the devil as a teenager.

In the upcoming episodes of the second season, Kristen, David, and Ben await more investigations and urban legends. But Ben in particular is put to a severe test in his convictions in a few moments. He is always looking for scientific explanations for the supernatural phenomena with which the three are confronted. But Ben will still meet a deceased relative or a deceased used person, for whose experience he has no words.

Now it remains to be seen whether Kristen, David, and Leland can settle their affairs over the course of the second season. Ben’s encounter with the realm of the dead will certainly have an impact. All these experiences and trauma can occupy the characters even further and be fundamental for the plot of the third season.


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