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On July 15th there will finally be new episodes of “Never Have I Ever”. Since the Netflix series is very popular with audiences and critics, one could assume that another season is already being planned. You can read here what the future of the series really is.

When does “Never Have I Ever” start season 3 on Netflix?
Usually, the streaming service always waits three to six weeks for the streaming numbers for a current season to announce that another season is coming. However, there have already been series that announced the next before the start of the current season. Unfortunately, this luck is not yet granted to “Never Have I Ever”, which is why we have not yet been able to report any good news. So if fans want more episodes, they should be busy streaming season 2 of “Never Have I Ever” starting July 15.

What would happen in “Never Have I Ever” Season 3?

Since the second season has not yet started on Netflix, at this point we can only speculate on the basis of the trailer what could happen. This already reveals that Devi ( Maitreyi Ramakrishnan ) is in a conflict because she has to find herself between Paxton ( Darren Barnet) and Ben (Jaren Lewison) decide. But it seems like she’s not spoiled for choice and instead both of them are dating. Anyone who has already seen the first season already suspects that their project will not go well. She may end up losing one or maybe both. In the third season, fans may meet the main character again without a friend. Which wouldn’t be too bad for Devi either, since she’s still stuck with her loss. Still, a lot could change …

Change of location in “Never Have I Ever” Season 3?

In the finale of the first season, Devi learns that she should move to India with her family because her mother ( Poorna Jagannathan ) urgently needs support in Devi’s education. So it could very well be that a third season – at least in part – will take place in India. A ” Fish out of Water ” story would certainly lead the series’ plot on new exciting paths. Although Devi has already visited her family in India and thanks to her mother and her late father, she is also familiar with the customs, she is an American through and through who is getting used to a new life in her parents’ home country would have to.

So it would be exciting to see how she would cope in her new environment. Apart from that, it is a suitable opportunity for the creators of the series to present the diversity of Indian culture even better. We will hopefully find out what could actually happen in a possible season at the start of the second season on Netflix on July 15.

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