Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

The gap between rich and poor in Brazil is wider than ever. In a dystopian future, people live crammed together in a slum in the middle of the desert. In order to escape their dark fate, young adults can take part in a selection process – but in the worst case, they pay for this chance with their death.

“3%” seasons 1 to 4: What is it about?

Of all participants in the annual selection process, only three percent get the chance to build a new life. So the young adults embark on a game of life and death – because the competition goes over dead bodies to escape the slum and thus poverty.

Those who make it below three percent have a carefree future on a technically advanced island, where the problems of the desert are far away. But as the years pass, the island no longer seems to be the safe place it once was. And the mussel, an alternative habitat that was able to establish itself next to the island, cannot keep what was promised.

Environmental disasters and manipulation plunge the various parties into a struggle that could mean the end of the world.

Will there be “3%” season 5?

” 3% ” – by the way, Brazil’s first Netflix original series – was produced from 2016 to 2020 and published on the Netflix streaming service. Although the science fiction thriller series is only available in Portuguese, Spanish, and English and with German subtitles in Germany, it is very popular in this country.

However, the audience of “3%” has to be very strong now, because the story is officially told with the fourth season. There will therefore very likely not be a sequel in the form of a fifth season.

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