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Using the pretext of studying medicine, Mia Akerlund ( Luna Wedler ) enrolls at the University of Freiburg to uncover the secret machinations of Professor Tanja Lorenz ( Jessica Schwarz ).

With the aim of making the world dependent on her gene therapy, the professor uses illegal and life-threatening means. Not only did she transplant genetically modified embryos in a clinic, she also caused the outbreak of the Coxsackie virus. But suddenly the biohacking technology doesn’t seem to be Mia’s biggest problem, because her press contacts Andreas Winter ( Benno Furmann ) do not turn out to be who she thought he was.

Will there be “Biohackers” season 3?

It is not yet known whether the Netflix series ” Biohackers ” will have a third season. The chances are not bad, however, because while series such as “ Glow ” and “ The Society ” were discontinued due to the corona pandemic, “Biohackers” received confirmation of a second season just one week after the start of season 1. Netflix seems to see great potential in German production.

Whether there will be another sequel in the form of a third season, however, is very likely to be related to the success of the upcoming episodes. For “Biohackers” fans, since July 9, 2022, season 2 has been busy streaming.

“Biohackers” Season 3 Release Date

Filming for the first season took place from May to September 2019, so the series was originally supposed to premiere in April 2020. However, due to the corona pandemic, the start date has been postponed to August 20, 2020. Just a week later, Netflix confirmed the production of a second season, which will be shown from July 9, 2022.

Should there be a third season of “Biohackers”, we could possibly expect the new episodes to be released as early as the beginning of 2022.

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