Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

William Zabka became famous in the 1980s for the “Karate Kid” film series. Today he is an indispensable part of pop culture thanks to ” Cobra Kai ” on the Netflix streaming service. A development that surprised Zabka after the former hatred of the “Karate Kid” fans.

The star is not yet over its zenith and wants to give everything in the future. In an interview with US magazine Collider, for example, he talks about the fact that he also works as a director and would like to take on this role one day on “Cobra Kai”.

“I thought about it. […] I think that after four seasons we are at a point where there is a certain rhythm, all actors know each other, trust each other, the machinery is running. […] So if the right episode comes, I would be there from the bottom of my heart. I definitely see that coming. […]”

Johnny is relieved to have Daniel by his side

Even if Zabka is not allowed to reveal any official information, he still reveals what kind of point in his life Johnny Lawrence is at the end of the third season. So he is relieved that he has Daniel by his side.

The one-time enemies finally banded together at the end of season three to defeat their common enemy, Kreese. In a fistfight, Daniel Johnny effectively saved his life. This has a special meaning for Johnny.

“I think he’s cleaned up at this point. There’s a certain emptiness there, but he feels stronger with Daniel. There is a good feeling there, [sharing the burden] there is a certain intensity that welds them together through the common enemy, Kreese.”

Fans have always hoped that Johnny and Daniel will finally get together. But so far, events have repeatedly led to the two falling out again after rapprochement. However, Zabka’s words sound promising now.

By Farwa Raza

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