Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

People who are looking for a job in the Community of Madrid have a new opportunity before your eyes. The employment portal of the regional government has published some 200 new job offers. As stated in the Noticias Trabajo portal, the essential requirement to present an application for these offers is to be registered as job seeker.Between the new posts there are some such as nurses for a geriatric nursing, maintenance and repair technicians; administrative assistants; general care nurses; dependents to work in a fish market; butchers or cashiers for supermarkets.are also searched electronics; chefs; dependents; taxi drivers; commercial agents; drivers; carpenters; air conditioning installers; kitchen helpers and general practitioners.

A young man looks at his mobile phone while waiting to enter a SEPE office in Valencia.

Some of these positions have salaries of up to 1,800 euros and to apply for them, previous experience in similar jobs is not required, according to Noticias Trabajo. To apply for these positions, it is necessary to be a job seeker. To do this, you must go to an employment office of the Community with DNI/NIE; Laboral life; updated resume; accreditation of regulated and complementary training; professional cards if they have them and other certificates. In addition to these 200 offers, companies such as Leroy Merlin, Lidl, Amazon or Mercadona They are also looking for professionals to work in Madrid in August. Thus, Leroy Merlin is looking for staff in Madrid and publishes on its web portal 223 job vacancies. Mercadona also launches 17 vacancies in which supermarket personnel are sought. The Lidl chain is also looking for staff to work in the Community of Madrid and offers 27 positions.