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If you are in the market for an automatic coffee machine in the 50’s style, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re in the market for a machine that is not only functional, but also looks good, look no further than a Smeg 50’s style automatic coffee machine. The model number for this machine is BCC02WHMAU. This coffee maker is very popular amongst consumers and will serve you for many years.


The Smeg Bean to Cup Automatic Coffee Machine draws inspiration from the classic 50s aesthetic, which makes it extremely convenient to use. Its sleek design is also a conversation starter. Whether you’re hosting an event or just want to impress a friend, this machine is sure to be a conversation starter. Here’s how it works. Let us take a look at the features of the Smeg Automatic Coffee Machine and how it can benefit your next gathering.

This Smeg automatic coffee machine is designed in a retro 1950s style and comes with a large, user-friendly display. It displays water hardness, water volume, time, and aroma intensity. Its one drawback is that it only makes four cups of coffee per water refill. However, it does have some nice features, including a descale alarm and settings for the water hardness. The machine can brew a carafe of drip coffee in under two minutes, so this is a great machine for busy households.

Despite being small, SMEG automatic coffee machine is very convenient. Its retro design draws inspiration from the 1950s and makes it a conversation starter. Its stylish appearance can fit with any decor. Whether it’s modern or vintage, the SMEG Automatic Coffee Machine is a stylish addition to any kitchen. If you want a beautiful cup of coffee at your fingertips, the SMEG BCC01 and BCC02 will surely impress your guests.

Another thing to consider is the price. While the BCC01 model does not offer steaming, the BCC02 does. Despite its quaint 50’s style, it is easy to use and maintain. It has a small display and easy-to-follow buttons. Its permanent filter also makes it easy to clean. This is an important consideration for many buyers. However, it’s important to remember that an automatic coffee machine needs regular maintenance to keep its efficiency at a high level.


The Jura automatic coffee machine family includes stainless steel conical burr grinders and easy-to-understand illustrations for the user. Its Energy Saving Mode helps users save up to 40% of their energy consumption, saving both the environment and the electricity bill. In addition, the machine’s patented Zero-Energy Switch ensures high energy efficiency. With the Jura A1 you can choose from two brew strengths and three different cup sizes.

It is not recommended for families. You will not be able to make a large number of coffees with this machine. It is also not recommended for families with children or frequent second-sibling use. The Jura S8 is a better budget option than the Jura Giga 6. The S8 offers advanced features, but is not as flexible as the Giga 6.

As you can see, there are plenty of options available. However, the Jura A1 is one of the most popular models on the market. Its streamlined design is both functional and stylish. This machine can be used as a standalone unit or as an addition to a multi-function device. Depending on the size of the space, you can choose to use a cup of coffee, or make a pot of espresso.

Unlike many other brands, the Jura Z8 doesn’t come with a milk container, which means that you will have to purchase a separate one. This will increase the price, but it doesn’t cost much extra. Another drawback to the Jura Z8 is that it doesn’t come with a milk container. While the S8 has more functionality than the E8 does, it doesn’t have as many options as the Z8. However, this machine does come with a touch screen display, a high-quality grinder, and a stylish retro look.

Jura coffee machine

The new Jura GIGA coffee machine offers superior quality and durability. It has a large bean hopper that holds 35.3 ounces (1 kilogram) of beans. Because the hopper is so large, you have to manually empty it each time you use it. That is not the case with older models of Jura coffee machines. Its innovative features help you get the best cup of coffee possible. And with its user-friendly touch screen and smartphone interface, you can control the machine even without an internet connection. You can also get Jura coffee machines in many countries.

The company is famous for their advertising campaigns featuring professional athletes, such as Roger Federer, and has a solid foothold in the household espresso machine market. Its IMPRESSA 500 first came on the market in 1994 and immediately filled a niche. Consumers who valued specialty coffee wanted an appliance that mimicked the barista’s skills and looked great on their countertop. In addressing this gap, Jura saw a market opportunity to merge beautiful design and specialty coffee. Today, Jura has an extensive range of home espresso machines, including the IMPRESSA line.

The design of Jura coffee machines is elegant and functional. Its materials include aluminum and plastic, accented by metallic colors. Its grinders are continuously variable, and its proprietary processes (Pulse Extraction Process and Intelligent Water System) optimize the preparation of coffee. Its many settings include the strength and aroma levels, temperature, and extra shot functions. In addition, a Jura coffee machine often comes with additional functions like an extra shot feature and temperature controls.

Jura coffee machine’s aesthetic design

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Jura coffee machine is its aesthetic design. The strong, clean lines make it look new, even after years of service. The company’s approach to product design is confirmed by a study by the Dutch consumer organization Consumentenbond. The average life of a coffee machine is six years, whereas the JURA machines last half a decade longer, at nine years.

A Jura coffee machine allows you to customize your drink according to your preferences. Designed for both coffee aficionados and purists, the Jura coffee machine creates superior drinks with minimal waste. Its fine foam technology adds a touch of barista expertise to your coffee experience and gives you the wow factor. It’s an impressive product, but you should consider its price tag.

The aesthetic design of the Jura coffee machine will surely make your kitchen stand out. The Jura EC-100 uses a single boiler, which makes it slow to steam milk. The machine is also expensive, so it will require a big kitchen. However, the Jura EC-100 does come with a memory function that allows you to save your favourite drinks. A Jura coffee machine can also be programmed to remember your preferences for drinks like cappuccino or flat white.

The Jura D6 coffee machine features a large touchscreen that lets you customize the strength of your brew. It also offers a milk frothing system. It is equipped with a touchscreen that is 4.5 inches high and employs artificial intelligence. This means the Jura Giga 6 will remember your preferences after a while. It is also incredibly user-friendly with a clear menu and straightforward instructions.

Jura coffee machine’s user-friendliness

Jura coffee machines feature fine foam technology and a touch screen for easy operation. They are also equipped with an automatic milk frothing system. And if you’re not comfortable with manual steam wands, you can simply switch to Jura’s automatic milk frothing system. Jura coffee machines have long service lives, and they’re always above the average market price. That said, buying a Jura coffee machine isn’t as easy as it may seem. But if you’re a coffee lover, you’ll love it!

Another major advantage of Jura coffee machines is their user-friendliness. Programming and brewing are easy to do. You can select from among 10 different coffee strengths, as well as the volume of each. You can also lower the volume to half a shot. You can even customize the amount of milk, and you can even rename the drink. You can copy your coffee recipes and add new ones, too. You can also access cleaning features and coffee settings. There’s even a handy glossary that helps you understand all the lingo.

Another feature that sets Jura coffee machines apart is their user-friendliness. A Jura coffee machine has a user-friendly display that has a TFT-display, which makes it more interactive and convenient than a text-only machine. It’s also equipped with a rotary switch, which makes it easy to navigate the machine. Another useful feature is Jura’s energy-saving mode. It reduces the power consumption to less than 0.1 watts, well below mandated limits.

The Jura D6 coffee machine offers the highest milk quality for macchiatos and cappuccinos, without the need for latte milk. It’s also fully automatic, with 11 preprogrammed coffees, including cappuccino and macchiato. All of these features make the D6 an excellent coffee machine, especially for busy office environments where multiple people need to use it.

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