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A power conditioner is a device that stabilizes the voltage of AC mains power. This type of power is noisy in rural areas of the US and in countries with faulty power grids. It’s rare in urban areas or countries with quality power grids. Before buying a power conditioner, test the voltage with a voltmeter to ensure it is within the 120V target range. Then, connect your music source to the AC power conditioner.


Black Lion Audio recently introduced the PG-P portable power conditioner. It is a studio-grade power conditioner that offers the same noise-filtering capabilities as a rack-mount unit. The PG-P looks and operates like a typical surge protector, but provides much more noise-filtering than other portable power conditioners. It also has a suite of status and alert capabilities. This power conditioner is ideal for mobile recording and mixing applications, and is compatible with virtually all digital audio gear.

Black Lion Audio’s PG-P portable power conditioner features BLA protection, audio filtering, and a compact form factor. Its high-quality components, including premium Panasonic capacitors, ensure pristine sound from your gear. Compared to other power conditioners, it sops up to three times better than similar models. It also features a 540-joule power absorption rating. If you’re looking for an audio power conditioner that can handle even the toughest environments, the PG-P is the right choice.

Radial Power-2

Featuring superior interference filtering and surge protection, the Radial Power-2 power conditioner is a valuable addition to any home. Its innovative slide-out tray with multicolor LED illumination makes it easy to view even in dim environments. No detail has been overlooked when designing this product, ensuring that you get the most out of it without compromising on quality. With the Radial Power-2, you can be sure that your valuable electronics are safe.

This power conditioning device is a rugged, 1U rackmount power supply with reliable surge protection. Its reputation as a power conditioner is undisputed. This unit features a high-quality Metal Oxide Varistor for increased thermal stability and longer lifespan. RF interference filtering is included for maximum protection against harmful frequencies and reducing the risk of interference. Furthermore, it features a USB charging port for mobile devices and a high-rejection RF interference filter.

The Power-2 also features a multicolor LED tray for convenient identification of incoming power. Its USA-made Metal Oxide Varistor is a key feature that protects your valuable electronics from surges and power spikes. Its steel construction, rugged outlet connectors, and high-quality materials ensure that this power conditioner provides protection without compromise. In addition, the Radial Power-2 is compact and requires only one rack unit (RU) of space.

Black Lion Audio PG-P

The Black Lion Audio PG-P power conditioner features studio-grade power and filtering with advanced signal handling. It features premium Panasonic capacitors and PG-P filtering technology to eliminate high-frequency noise. The PG-P sops up to three times better than similar power conditioners. With 540 joules of power absorption, it’s a powerful and reliable choice for any music professional.

The Black Lion Audio PG-P portable power conditioner looks like a surge protector but it’s actually a studio-class power conditioner. It offers the same noise-filtering power as rack-mount power conditioners, but with an integrated surge protector. This unit uses PG-P Filtering Technology and premium Panasonic capacitors to remove high-frequency noise from audio signals. The PG-P is available through a worldwide network of dealers for $69.00.

The PG-P power conditioner has a total of twelve rear-panel outlets with a high-current outlet on a timed delay to eliminate loudspeaker pops. This unit includes voltage and amperage meters, as well as safety alarms. The PG-P also has a set of status LEDs to ensure proper operation. Despite its small size, the PG-P is the perfect companion for music and home theater systems.

Furman M-8×2

The Merit Series Power Conditioner is a low-cost AC power solution for applications without lights. Its eight switched rear outlets are sufficient to power equipment up to 15 amps. Its slim design is ideal for rack mounting. Its low-profile, black plastic design conceals the unit’s bulky design. It also features a jack for a 15-amp power supply. Its AC output is 2.1 kV, which is more than enough for many applications.

Its high reliability is an advantage as most power strips tend to wear out after only a few years. Cheap components are notorious for causing serious fluctuations. People often fail to realize the effects of bad power, but it can cause major damage to amplifiers, hard drives, and transformers. Fortunately, Furman has designed their units with these issues in mind. This unit is one of the best on the market and offers outstanding reliability.

If you’re looking for an affordable AC power solution, you should check out the Furman M-8×2 power conditioner. It offers excellent surge protection and RFI/EMI AC noise filtration. This unit also offers rackmounting options and comes with a 3.75″-deep chassis. Its audiophile-grade quality will enhance your music listening experience. A Furman M-8×2 will protect your equipment from power spikes and improve the sound quality of your audio system.

The M-8×2 is part of the Merit Series and has a depth of 3-3/4′. It powers eight pieces of equipment. Its standard level surge/spike protection is sufficient for the most sensitive sound equipment. It also features an effective RFI/EMI filtration system to ensure that your audio gear stays as quiet as possible. And with the dual pull-out lamps, you can see your rack while your amps are being powered. The digital voltmeter allows you to monitor incoming voltage.

Furman’s M-8×2

When you need AC power but don’t want to buy a dedicated AC power supply, consider the Merit Series Power Conditioner from Furman. This compact AC power solution installs in the top rack slot and features eight switched outlets on the rear panel. It can power equipment up to fifteen amps, but it’s not recommended for lighting-based applications. For audio and video applications, the M-8×2 is a good choice.

The Furman M-8×2 rack mount power conditioner can handle 15-amp loads and is rack mountable. It is 3.75″ deep and comes in a black finish that complements most music gear. You can use it with various power supplies, including power amps, power cables, and other types of equipment. It’s an affordable solution that will save you money while improving the sound of your music system.

The Furman M-8×2 Merit Series 8 Outlet Power Conditioner offers a 3-year warranty and features multiple connectors. Its advanced features include noise filtration with Linear Filtering Technology and Extreme voltage shutdown. It also has three connectors for easier connection to your live rig. Its digital voltage display gives you a good idea of the voltage level it can handle. Unlike a typical surge protector, the M-8×2 offers extreme voltage shutdown.

The M-8X-AR is another product by Furman. It can handle voltages as low as 97V and as high as 141V. With its remarkably tight regulation, it will never exceed +/-5V fluctuation when used on a 120V circuit. The Furman P-1800AR is a better combination of the AR-1215 and M-8X-AR. This product also offers almost the same voltage regulation as the AR-1215.

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