Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Monsieur Periné's music is a complete festival of sounds that come from swing (Colombian style), pop, folk, among others; It is a fusion that is experienced with joy, bright colors and a lot of flavor in Spanish and French. After more than twelve years of existence, three albums released and more than fifteen countries visited, the Colombian group wants to repay so much affection that they have received from their audience, and they do so with a song that came in handy in these times of pandemic. With his recent theme See you again they propose a dynamic that has plane tickets as a prize to reunite with that loved one or loved ones.

“We want to be a part of those real encounters. We know that our music serves as a bridge, and I think that nothing makes us happier than being part of those stories (…), being managers of that reunion, that it happens, that two people who are far away in the world can hug each other again. And living it together with them is without a doubt a gift that we also give ourselves, ”says Catalina García , vocalist of the group.

“Over the years we have been able to live very special stories that have been woven with our music, such as commitments, marriages, births, very special moments in life; even with people who have lost the battle with some disease and who have had to give up life”, he adds.

Catalina Garcia, by Monsieur Periné. Photo: Raul Higuera

Seeing You Again , whose video on YouTube has already exceeded one million views, is also a faithful testimony of their lives. “What we did was create a song based on something that we experienced. We are people who go on a trip and we also miss many things” , says Santiago Prieto, multi-instrumentalist of the group.


He says that the single was born in early December 2021, in the garden of his house in Bogotá, where he also set up his own music studio. “The process was rushed, we did it in about four days. We composed the song, we locked ourselves in to record and on the fifth day we were already recording the video. I think a pretty nice song came out, spontaneous, powerful, with a nice message” , says the musician.

To participate, people just have to register in the form available on the group's social networks until February 28, and then upload the video dancing to the song on Tik Tok.

The benefits of TikTok

While they waited at home for the pandemic, one of their songs from 2015 became a trend on TikTok; the spontaneous revival of Our Song took them by surprise. “You never really measure how far the music you make goes, and I think that was a bit what happened in TikTok. We had released this song six years ago, and without a doubt Our song is very important to the public” , says García.

As a couple, with friends, with their pets or their families, people from various parts of the world made this topic a challenge on the well-known video platform. “What happened with TikTok was unexpected. After seeing so many people around the world expressing themselves with this song, in different ways (…), one says 'what is this madness?', and we from the other side of the screen receiving all that love” , expresses the caleña about the song, which recently reached the top spot on Spotify's global viral chart and positioned itself on its viral chart in more than 60 countries.

New CD

Santiago Prieto, by Monsieur Periné. Photo: Raul Higuera

Prieto and García highlight the opportunities that the confinement of the pandemic left them. “We were lucky to find something good in this forced break, to look inside, to value other things. We had that time to compose, to learn new things. Our life has always been very hectic, very nomadic, all the time in transit. Well, stopping in some way was a gift” , expresses Prieto.

And precisely at this time they have been conceiving their fourth album, which they calculate to have ready between April and May. “We are making an album that is the same, diverse, where we always like to explore new things. I think it's a very tasty album in its music in some way: it has dance songs; Above all, the lyrics touch on borderline or sensitive issues; there are songs that have different reflections” , describes the musician and assures that it is an album with a “very powerful and magical” sound.

“We are very happy to share this new music, this new universe of Monsieur Periné. (…) It is a music that connects with the joy of being alive, ”says García. (AND)

By Farwa Raza

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