Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency par excellence with the highest demand and acceptance for being the most popular throughout its creation.

Even though its time in circulation has not been as average as possible in terms of price stability, registering very significant drops from which it has recovered very quickly on several occasions.

In the pandemic, cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have been affected since traditional markets suffered breakdowns that generally affected the economy, causing the falls of virtual currencies consecutively. Still, with time, many opportunities arose, thanks to technology, to solve the crisis in which people do immerse in the implementation of total confinement. As a result, the need arose to look for alternatives that provided income from home to solve basic needs.

At this point, cryptocurrencies come into play, offering the possibility of investment and profit in the medium and long term, as well as applications and tools designed to entertain and distract the mind and, in the same way, obtain profits.

Last year was very significant for Bitcoin thanks to all the aspects mentioned above; this cryptocurrency was gaining more and more ground and demand from investors, which has given it considerable profitability and reliability, on which its value directly depends. So if you want to start your journey with trading, check out the official ekrona app.

Bitcoin reached a price of almost $70,000 in the last quarter of 2021, a value never came before, and experts and analysts of the development of these markets predict that it may exceed $100,000 in the coming years.

Its volatility is the only double-edged sword that Bitcoin can have.

All indicate that the values of cryptos, in general, will increase astronomic because the trust of its followers and users will allow position even more in the coming years in the Digital market.

Everyday financial transactions do carry out more frequently online, which is a sure way is adapting many users to technology.

Negative aspects starting 2022

A lousy streak has had Bitcoin at the beginning of this year, remaining 40,700. Since 2012, such significant drops do not report at the beginning of the year.

Cryptocurrencies may continue with downward trends because the Federal Reserve (FED) decreases its injections of solvency and liquidity.

It causes the cryptocurrency markets to falter and experience notable falls and variations in the values ​​of their crypto assets, causing them to crash.

Successive forecasts

For 2022, many forecasts can be seen and heard issued by expert analysts and economists who carry out in-depth studies of future behavior based on indicators that visualize past times of the behavior of cryptocurrency prices.

Many assure that it will be a year of notable changes that will mark the way to a significant rise in crypto assets, highlighting Bitcoin, the currency of choice for large and small investors.

And in parallel, some say that the worst scenario for Bitcoin will happen at the end of this current year; it does estimate that it could drop to $20,000 in its price, a drop that would leave many with very significant losses.


For cryptocurrencies, the forecasts, news, and speculations that may arise around them are fundamental because these information currents make their prices remain, increase or decrease, in addition to providing popularity and growing demand for this way, the reliability of investors in them.

This year that we are beginning is estimated to be the one to create more innovative strategies to improve the world economy since it comes from repression by the pandemic, which has been and will continue to be the leading cause of the economic imbalance in general.

These impacts also affect the prices of cryptocurrencies. Still, to a lesser extent, benefits have been registered in the active crypto markets, increasing the number of investors and the demand for cryptocurrencies since they have offered alternatives to solve the crisis Lived.

Bitcoin has always come out afloat. This year will not be the exception; we must trust that its value and market will strengthen and increase. Daily consult the forecasts and indicators that are the most reliable sources in terms of economic news of this trend.

The crypto economy is undoubtedly the best investment option today; despite its risks due to volatility, it is the one that offers the most possibilities of acquiring a fortune.

Bitcoin will be the most coveted virtual currency by large investors and the most accepted worldwide trading.

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