Mon. Jul 4th, 2022


Southampton is one of the top teams gunning for the top 10 spots in the Premier League’s 2021-22 season. The Saints have done a great job to pull off a strong push in this run after a disappointing season in 2020-21, and now they are gunning for a shot inside the top 10.

So far, the Saints have improved a lot thanks to their new rotation and the 3-5-2 line implemented by Ralph Hasenhuttl. Since Danny Ings moved on from the team, the club struggled to find a new scorer to lead the way.

Every Southampton sponsorship deal has been signed depending on their performances. That is why it is a must for them to push for a top 10 finish as they look to improve after a lot of struggles in the past few runs.

Perhaps the most disappointing part of the team’s run was the poor stretch they had in the 2021 run where they led the Premier League for almost a month before falling down outside the top 10. Now they are on the verge of making a strong finish.

Southampton’s win over Arsenal is a huge boost

Southampton showed that they can power their way past one of the best teams in the league by hammering Arsenal in a 1-0 win. That gave them the necessary push to close in on the top 10 spot by just a few points to go. This means a lot for the Saints as they now need to rack up more wins to finish the season.

The Saints are on the pace for a better season with this win. Jan Bednarek’s strong finish in the early minutes of the game was proof that the Saints are more flexible than they ever were before. That shows a lot of promise for the Saints as they aim to finish strong with an improved offence and a strengthened defence.

For starters, Southampton has gone through a lot of changes with their coaching staff and even added a few key pieces on the defensive end as well. That says a lot about the way they have thrived in the season especially with their season now coming to an end.

Southampton is in good form

Southampton has enjoyed a lot of success so far in the season. With a 9-12-11 record, it has been a satisfying run for the team. They have figured out their strengths and weaknesses, and that has been the story of the club so far, which means they are expected to improve at this point.

Who knows, the Saints are already rewarded for their improved game with a better record than their past few runs, which says a lot about their chances of even getting to the Europa League or Champions League.

At the end of the day, it is more about how the Saints have found a new identity in the 2021-22 season. The club has improved to the point where they now scored a total of 38 goals in the season so far, and that has brought them to a lot of growth at this point.

No one can deny the fact that they deserve a lot of praise for their good form. Hasenhuttl is surely getting a chance to prove his worth and keep his job with the Saints. There is indeed a good future waiting ahead for the club.

There are going to be a lot of Southampton sponsorship deals coming in if they ever finish strong in the 2021-22 season, which proves how much they have improved in the past few years. 

Southampton is on the verge of a breakthrough. Being able to shake off their woes and find a way to get into their groove by the end of the season is a huge promise that only means that the club is on its way to showing why they are the best in the league. 


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