Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

If like countless others around the globe, your goal is to save more money in 2022, there are lots of ways for you to get started. While budgeting and making sacrifices will help you get much of the way towards meeting your financial goals, these steps are not even strictly necessary. Rather, you can save substantial amounts of money with zero effort, simply by knowing where to shop.

Nowhere is this more true than in the world of gaming, where the right URL can ensure that you enjoy all of your favorite games for a fraction of what you would normally pay. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite online gaming bargains for penny-pinching players right now. 

Source: Unsplash

1. Grab a Humble Bundle

The only thing better than a discount game is a discount game that also makes you a better person. Such is the case with Humble Bundles, a discount game retailer which sells cut-price game bundles and gives a big amount of the proceeds to charity. The site used to be well-known for offering massive bundles of indie games for just a few pennies. However, 2022 has seen the site pivot into AAA game bundles, which is why you can now buy the entirety of top franchises such as Assassin’s Creed or Watch Dogs for little more than the price of a Big Mac.

2. Top-Flight PC Gaming Tech for Cheap

No matter where you are looking to play CoD Online or just a few rounds of online bingo, you’ll want the right hardware for the job. Of course, buying PC gaming tech is not exactly a cheap hobby to get into. That is, of course, if you don’t know where to look. Fortunately, this year has seen the rise of several gaming tech brands that aim to provide the very top specs on the market for the lowest possible price point. Standout brands include the boutique retailer VRLA and the global tech behemoth Acer, the latter of which has gone all-in on low-price PC gaming tech recently. 

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3. Nab Some Keys

No matter what games you wish to play, the cheapest way to access them is often through the use of online keys, which can be bought for a fraction of the sticker price of the game itself. Of course, there are dozens of different keys sites out there for all types of games and consoles. The trick is to use a site like Gocdkeys, which compares the prices listed on all key platforms on the internet in order to help you find the genuinely cheapest option. This is how you find a game for rock-bottom prices. 

4. Try a 1p Round of Bingo

If you’re a fan of real-money online games such as bingo, there are also some bargains out there to be had. The trick is to find your favorite online games at the lowest potential entry point. One stellar example here can be found at Buzz Bingo, one of the top online bingo platforms in the world right now. Their ever-popular 1p bingo games allow you to play real money bingo with other players from around the world for literally a penny, as this is the cost of a bingo card. It doesn’t get much cheaper than this. 

These are some of our favorite gaming bargains you can find online right now. Give them a try if you’re looking to save some pennies in 2022.