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Already the third season for Sex Education and probably not the last. Indeed, fans of the Netflix series will be able to discover the rest of the adventures of Otis, Maeve, or Eric in a few weeks. WTTSPOD reveals 5 good reasons not to miss it.


But before we give you some great reasons to jump into it, maybe we should talk about the main storyline. And what the series mainly deals with. Although the majority of the information is in the title.

Indeed, Sex Education is aptly named. Since the project talks, as you have understood, about sex, but not in its trashy version, quite the contrary. We can follow the daily life of several high school students discovering this “novelty” in their life.

Because yes, although some face it from college, generally, it is in high school that we start to ask ourselves questions on the subject. This is why Otis, Maeve, and their friend Eric talk about the subject, often delicate and filled with prejudice, wonderfully.

Notably thanks to the humor of the characters and the levity used by showrunners to make sex, and the fact of talking about it, quite banal. Of course, the project isn’t all about how or how not to have sex.

And this, in particular, thanks to his mother Jean (Gillian Anderson), sexual advisor in everyday life. Here then, in broad outline, what treats Sex Education. But of course, other points remain good reasons to watch the Netflix series.


The first point being the fact that the series allows you to feel guilty. Indeed, by watching this series, you will be able to have answers to the questions that you generally ask yourself. All approached without any shame and with real answers.

Our colleagues from Virgin also give their opinion on the way in which the subject is approached in Sex Education. The media, explaining: “The series is based on sex . But not only. If it wants to be very funny, but it is also above all a very good way to open up to sex ”.

Before adding: “to exonerate and relieve people who watch it. “Many Internet users also specify that if they had had such a program during their adolescence, they would have asked themselves much less existential questions.”

The main subjects of Sex Education being sexual orientation (bisexuality, asexuality, homosexuality…), the first time, masturbation, sexual assault, abortion, or even STDs. Topics that speak to everyone and that make you ask a lot of questions


In addition to this, the LGBTQ + community is entitled to an important place in the project. With all due respect to people living in the Middle Ages, here talking about one’s homosexuality is not a problem, on the contrary.

Indeed, in Sex Education, the subject is discussed and explained in a pedagogical way. Even on points that are sometimes hidden or do not want to be approached by the people concerned. Such as anal enema or enema bulb.

Once again, Virgin specifies: “There is no taboo. The discourse on homosexuality is so standardized that it allows everyone to identify with themselves. For example, season 2 deals with the subject of anal enema and the use of the enema bulb. ”

The media also specifying that it was “probably a first in a general public program.” Indeed, it is not in any series or movies that you can talk about it without shame and freely.


It seems that, for some time, the 80’s atmosphere has been popular with the public. We already had proof of that with Back to the Future a few years ago. But as we make it known with the last words used, that was “a few years ago”.

You can therefore tell us that nothing proves that this atmosphere pleases today and that its presence in Sex Education is an element attracting the public. However, this turns out to be false. Proof of this is with Stranger Things using the same atmosphere.

The fans really liked it. Allowing them to go back in time to a period that marked the “old” generations. Showrunners know it likes it and plays it a lot.

On the other hand, nothing guarantees that the series is also located at this period. However, the dress style and its photography let us think that we are indeed in the 80s. This allows us to feel “out of time” as L’Union notes.


For those already up to date, you already knew that Otis had a crush on Maeve. This one not really letting him know if he had a chance or not. This is why the young man finally decided to let himself be seduced by Ola.

In the end, at the end of season 2 of Sex Education, the young boy ultimately chooses to open his heart. By leaving a voicemail message to the one he always loved: “It’s you. It has always been you. I like you.”

But this declaration will never be heard by the chosen one of his heart. Indeed, Isaac, the neighbor of the pretty blonde, also has a crush on her… And hears the message before it reaches her ears.

It did not take less for the rival of Otis to erase the message in question … We can therefore think that a strange relationship will settle between the two “friends”. The boy, thinking that his sweetheart does not want to follow up on his advances.

There is no doubt that other adventures will occur in the next episodes. But the relationship between Maeve and Otis will remain the main “subject” of the project. All you have to do is be patient and wait for the next step.

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