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Shawn Mendes Worried Due To Camila Cabello’s Secret

We have never understood Camila Cabello as much as we do now. The “Don’t Go Yet” singer answered a question that many fans have probably asked themselves over the years: How do you stand with someone who is AS good-looking as Shawn Mendes? In an earlier interview, Camila and Shawn answered what they thought about each other when they first met.

In an interview for Apple Music about her new single “Don’t Go Yet”, Camila Cabello revealed what her secret concern has always been with Shawn Mendes: “It’s great when he does things that are weird and silly. That makes him a little less intimidating, so his attractiveness, makes me less nervous then.” Super sweet that the singer speaks so honestly about these thoughts! Even if she doesn’t have to worry about it, she’s a beauty too, after all. Shawn Mendes takes Camila for who she is – and these are absolute #relationshipgoals!

Camila Cabello speaks openly about her secret concern with Shawn Mendes

There are many people who have secret worries in relationships. With her interview, Camila Cabello has proven that there is no shame in talking about it. That is exactly what makes them both so close. On Instagram, you can see that they spend almost every minute together and are always there for each other – like a real team. “He’s also totally in love with Latin culture,” explains Camila Cabello.

“He’s currently even taking Spanish classes so that he can really learn how to speak Spanish. He already had some basic knowledge beforehand.” Really cute! No wonder fans are always freaking out because of new smooch pictures from Shawn and Camila.

The two just go extremely well together. So if you also have a crush that makes you totally nervous, don’t worry: this is completely normal, and never thinks that this person is unreachable. That is a totally outdated thought. Camila and Shawn prove otherwise.

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