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Who Is Danna Paola’s Boyfriend! The Ex-Elite Star!

After returning to Mexico to celebrate her birthday, Danna Paola had to campaign to meet another important date. In recent days it was the birthday of Alex Hoyer, the Venezuelan with whom it was stipulated that he was in a relationship and that she no longer hides from anyone.

The Mexican artist showed all her fans how the impressive celebration she dedicated to Alex was like. She shared all her ideas on Instagram, where she also made public a greeting to the young Latin American with whom she is dating. Hoyer turned 24 years old.

“Happy return to the sun, beautiful child! You are a very special human being, full of light, talent and a unique vibe”, began in her post, Danna Paola. In addition, she assured him that it was “a life surprise” and wished him all the blessings on this return to the sun.”

From what could be seen in her stories on Instagram, Danna Paola showed that she first surprised Alex with a group of mariachis. The celebration continued with a party with karaoke, sushi for everyone present, and dancing with friends, true to the style that was seen on his own birthday, where there was a lot of neon and brightness.

An Important Message For Your Fans

A few weeks ago, before it was known that Danna Paola was with Alex, she took advantage of the reach of her networks to send a message that raises awareness about romantic ties: “Loneliness is incredible and it is wonderful therapy, but when you are ready, the true love comes suddenly “. In addition, she referred to the need to be “free” when experiencing ties. “Free love, without ties, only loving within freedom,” she said.

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