Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

In the era of social networks, no one can escape the maelstrom that surrounds them, where absolutely everything is registered and, if controversial, quickly goes viral. This was learned the hard way by Addison Rae, who had to come out to talk about a situation that linked her to Donald Trump. Actually, the one who broke the silence was his representative.

In recent days, a version began to circulate that suggested that the TikTok star had liked a publication in which he expressed his support for the former president. In this sense, this post had to do with the campaign prior to the elections that he won in 2016, through which he became the country’s highest president.

Five years ago, when Barack Obama was still ruling, the elections were looming and the dilemma was clear: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the two political figures who were going to dispute the place in the White House. In this context, the MMA fighter, Dere Brunson, made a post where he said: “Those who are going to vote, RT for Hillary Clinton. Like for Donald Trump ”. Apparently, Adisson Rae would have put a like to said publication.

Therefore, Addison Rae’s representative was in charge of making a statement to clarify the situation, which was accompanied by a screenshot of his cell phone. “Below is the screenshot of Addison’s phone that reflects that she did not like the tweet. He has no recollection of doing it, “he said while noting that they contacted Twitter to find out what had happened.

Even his party mates leave him alone

Following the defeat of Donald Trump in the elections that ended with a scandal in the Capitol on January 6, an investigation began. Now, it was reported that there would be members of the Republican party interested in being part of the committee in charge of the investigation. Nancy Pelosi was the one who revealed this situation.

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