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Our Favorite Harry Potter Star Is Secretly Married! Is It Emma Watson?

There is no doubt that the Harry Potter saga marked a turning point for the artists who played it. Many became idols and also made headlines for their love lives, but others chose to cultivate a very low profile in their private lives. This is the case of one of the stars of history who secretly married and, once discovered, had to go out to clarify things on social networks.

The exposure that comes from appearing in films like Harry Potter represents a pressure that not everyone handles in the same way. Some become extremely media-oriented and even enjoy going on show programs or giving notes to the pink press, while others prefer to limit their public life to strictly acting and preserve their personal relationships. This is what happened to a star who appeared in four films by the popular magician.

The Harry Potter star who got married in secret is none other than David Thewlis, better known in the movies as Remus Lupine. The actor is now 58 years old and had had two known relationships so far, one with Sara Sugarman (1991-1994) and the other with Anna Friel (2001–2010). Now the interpreter is married to a French woman since 2016, but hardly anyone knew despite being a very famous man.

According to David Thewlis himself, it was “love at first sight” with Hermine and revealed that the woman had not seen her family in Paris for more than a year because she was stranded in England due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although this time was difficult for her, it allowed the Harry Potter actor to spend a lot of time with his new wife, of whom there are no photos or videos on social networks of him.

Something similar happens with Gracie, the 16-year-old daughter of David Thewlis. Obviously whoever gave life to Remus Lupine in Harry Potter is very careful of his personal and family relationships and in his networks, for example, he only publishes content related to his work or his pets.

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