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Almost exactly one month after Lucifer’s fourth season debut, Netflix announced that it had renewed the show for a season 5. The decision to continue the TV series with Tom Ellis was almost certain for the fans. The 10 episodes made by the Big N, after saving the crime from the cancellation of Fox, had been an incredible success in a very short time. The show was in fact splashed among the most binge-watched and had remained there for some time.

This super positive feedback had given fans the hope of being able to witness the adventures of Detective Decker and her diabolical consultant for a long time to come. No one expected, therefore, that the renewal would be accompanied by much less exciting news. The fifth chapter would have been made, but it would have represented the conclusion of the show: Lucifer would not have had a season 6.

This is what we thought until mid-February 2020. TVLine, in fact, learned exclusively that Netflix was still interested in continuing the series with Tom Ellis. The streaming giant was therefore in talks with Warner Bros to produce new episodes. Always the site mentioned had then stated that negotiations were continuing and that both sides seemed optimistic.

Now it’s official and Lucifer season 6 will see the light. The original creative team took over the series. Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich are back to work, as are the full cast, including Tom Ellis. After initially confirmed its willingness, in mid-April 2020 TVLine was learned that the actor had turned down an offer from Warner Bros . By May, a new deal with Ellis was finally signed.

Everything has been resolved and the TV series will no longer close with the fifth, the second part of which is available from May 28, but with the sixth season. To officially announce it was the social channels of the TV series that spread the news of the renewal of Lucifer for a season 6.

Joe Henderson was also the bearer of good tidings. The showrunner on 30 June 2020, through a tweet, let fans know that the writer’s room was already at work – albeit via web connection, given the Coronavirus emergency.

The reasons that led the platform to make the first decision to stop at the fifth season, after it had exposed a lot in 2018 by deciding to save the show, are still not clear. Netflix had simply stated, as reported by Entertainment Weekly :

We are thrilled that Lucifer fans around the world have well received the TV series on Netflix and we can’t wait to give them the grand finale they have been waiting for.

Lucifer 6 season release date

Founded that the TV series will have a new chapter when Lucifer 6 season is released on Netflix? It’s still too early to talk about a release date, given that 5B part 2 only debuted on May 28, 2022, with its eight episodes. All we know is that on October 6, 2020, the filming of season 6 began, which ended on March 29, 2022. Everything is therefore ready, but in all likelihood, we will talk about 2022, in order to leave the public the right time to digest the story of the fifth chapter, with its twists. We will keep you posted.

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