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Sky Rojo: At What Time Will Season 2 Release? Season 3 Cancelled?

July 23, 2021, is expected to load on Netflix the second season of Sky Rojo, then we do not know what will become of the Spanish series. The will of the creator Alex Pina, also the author of La Casa di Carta, has always been to carry on the story beyond the first two chapters. However, the future of the title doesn’t just depend on him.

The streaming service has not yet spoken, however. At the moment, therefore, we can not help but wait to know his intentions. In the meantime, during season 2 we will accompany the three protagonists, Coral, Wendy and Gina in their new mission: to take revenge on their persecutors, who seem to be less cohesive than ever.

When Sky Rojo 3 season comes out

After this introduction, when does Sky Rojo 3 season come out? There is still no news about it. We will first have to wait for Netflix to announce the renewal and only then can we concretely talk about a release date for the next chapter.

Whenever possible, the Big N tries to keep a gap of about a year between the release of one season and the other, even if the time elapsed between the first and second cycle of episodes of Sky Rojo was just a few months. As soon as we have more precise information on this potential third season of the TV series, we will not hesitate to update you.

Number and duration of episodes

Probably, when the service decides to make another cycle of episodes, it would order another 8, always lasting about 25/30 minutes each. For the first two seasons, he opted for this number and we do not see today why he should detach from it. In any case, we will be able to tell you more soon.

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