Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

US streaming service Netflix will finally deliver the second part of the coming-of-age adventure series ” Outer Banks ” to us this summer. At WTTSPOD you will find the first pictures, an action-packed trailer, release date, and everything you need to know about the new episodes.

When does “Outer Banks” season 2 start?

Netflix brings its surprise hit “Outer Banks” back to the screens on July 30th, 2022. The streaming service announced this on Instagram and is fueling the anticipation of the fans with new photos.

Trailer and pictures for “Outer Banks” Season 2

The fresh trailer for “Outer Banks” Season 2 gives you an insight into what awaits the Pogues on the island. Action and adventure in the hunt for gold are clearly in the foreground.

According to executive producers Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke, “Season 2 will test our crew like never before. We turned up everything fans loved about Season 1 – more secrets, more romance, and higher stakes. It’s an action-packed adventure at full throttle and these photos give a glimpse into the next chapter of our protagonists. All we can say for now is: buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.”

“Outer Banks”: Who is in Season 2 and what is known about the production?

In “Outer Banks” season 2, the cast of actors is reinforced: “Lost ” star Elizabeth Mitchell. She will take on a recurring role as Limbrey, a long-time resident of Charleston, in season two. Her figure is described as threatening and poisonous. However, she is superficially polite.

In an announcement video for “Outer Banks” season 2, the stars of the series expressed their joy at the extension of the Netflix original and thus confirmed their return in the new episodes so far.

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