Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Elite is still continuing with its fourth season, the prestigious Las Encinas school also gets four new students who make old students uncomfortable with their presence.

The series, made by director Carlos Montero, is still a favorite spectacle since it was released in 2018 for the first season. Wrapped in the styles of youth, this series still maintains a teenage thriller whose thirst for emotions is out of control.

This time, the new star who joins the fourth series is the talented actor Manu Rios. As a new student who was immediately highlighted by the whole school, here are 10 interesting facts about the role played by Manu Rios.

  1. Introducing, this is a transfer student who becomes a new student at the Elite Las Encinas school, Manuel Rios Fernandez
  2. Acting as the son of the new school principal, Manu also plays the character of Patrick Blanco Commerford.
  3. One thought with his twin, played by Carla Diaz, they always obey their father’s words.
  4. The beginning of entering almost shocked the whole school, Manu was increasingly hostile to the old students of Las Encinas
  5. Inspired by Aron Piper and Omar Ayuso, he also helps students with scholarships that will be issued by their father
  6. Until he was caught in a love triangle between Aron Piper and Omar Ayuso
  7. Elite 4, is the second series after making his acting debut in 2014
  8. It will continue until the fifth season, Manu Rios will still be involved in this Spanish hit series
  9. Apart from having a twin, Manu Rios also has one younger sister played by Martina Cariddi
  10. Sometimes he has a wild nature, but on the other hand, Manu Rios is a man who loves his two sisters, you know.

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