Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

There are charming spies, there are cunning spies, there are funny spies, and then there is Sterling Archer. Although the main character from “Archer” is more often rude than charming and not always smart or funny, you can’t get enough of him. For fans who want Season 12 as much as Archer wants a turtleneck sweater, there is good news: Season 12 is already on its way.

When is “Archer” season 12 coming to Netflix?

Season 12 starts in the USA on August 25, 2022. It remains to be seen whether Netflix will also show the new season in 2022. “Archer” season 11 was released three months after the US launch on Netflix. The streaming giant may have a similar plan in the new season, according to which it would release at the end of November. However, it may be that “Archer” changes his home in this country.

The reason for this is Star on Disney +, with its new category the streaming service shows content that in the USA mainly runs on Hulu. With our American neighbors, “Archer” is broadcast via FXX and Hulu, a streaming service that is not available. So it could be that the series has to move at the start of the new season. Fans can simply subscribe to Disney + just in case.

That could happen in “Archer” season 12.

– Warning: spoilers for the finale of “Archer” season 11 will follow –

It is not yet known what fans can expect in the upcoming “Archer” season. Since the series has often taken unexpected paths, many assumptions can be made. However, it can be assumed that the new episodes will not take place in a coma dream of the main character.

The previous season had dealt more explicitly with Archer’s personal life. Towards the end, he and Lana were able to save their daughter from kidnapping. Is there a future for the two of them in the twelfth season? Probably not, and if it does, their relationship may not last very long. But that’s also completely okay because “Archer” is more than just the argument with Lana. What makes the series special is the interaction of all the characters.

“Archer” Season 12 Cast: Who’s Returning?

Since “Archer” is an animated series and voice actors * can be replaced more easily than actors * – see “The Simpsons” – one can assume that the employees of the former ISIS agency will also return. In this country too, fans enjoy the voices of the original speakers in the English version. If you like to see “Archer” in the original sound, you can rest assured. The cast is still a huge fan of the series and has already been confirmed for season 12. “Together with the incredible cast, ‘Archer’ will bring fans another great season,” announced FX Entertainment President Nick Grad.

Although Jessica Walter (Mallory Archer) passed away on March 24, 2022, her character can be seen on the promotional poster for season 12. The actress may have been able to record her lines while she was still alive. However, it is not yet clear how far the synchronized work could be ended and what fate will overtake the popular figure. Until it is revealed what happens to Mallory Archer, you can stream seasons 1 to 11 on Netflix and honor the work of Jessica Walter in the original language.

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