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Rumor Alert! Machine Gun Kelly And Meghan Fox Breakup? What Is Known?

The composer has felt close to the actress for years.

Since they publicly announced their relationship in 2020, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have become one of the most media couples in Hollywood. Recently, celebrities were featured prominently in all the tabloids after confessing that they traveled to Costa Rica to perform a controversial ayahuasca ritual. However, today all eyes are on Kelly after an unusual confession.

In an exclusive dialogue with GQ magazine, the current partner of the renowned actress admitted that she has admired Megan since she was a teenager and even used to have a poster of the actress in her youth room. Looking back, Machine finds that recent events seem like something out of a dream. “Do you know what the dream was? It was exactly what happened to me this weekend. Go to an awards ceremony, close the carpet, go on stage, accept an award and with her on my arm, “said the singer.

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The event in question is nothing more and nothing less than the latest installment of the Billboard Music Awards, to which the composer attended accompanied by Fox. “I saw a British GQ article that came out this morning that basically said that even though BTS was there, The Weeknd was there, Drake was there, the talk of the show was us. That overzealous and overly confident 15 years old must have known it was achievable despite everyone else saying, ‘You’re out of your white boy rap mind. No one is sitting in math class thinking the next Drake is sitting next to them, ”Kelly confessed wistfully.

While Machine recalls those years of youth in which he fantasized about at least meeting Megan, the actress also dared to define her relationship with the interpreter in a transcendental way. During an interview with People magazine of the year 2020, Fox admitted that when she met Kelly, she was overwhelmed by the incredible connection between the two. “I knew immediately that he was what I call a soul mate. Actually, we are two halves of the same soul, I think. And I said that to him almost immediately, because I felt it instantly, ” Fox said.

Currently, the couple is waiting for the premiere of the film “Midnight in the Switchgrass”, scheduled for July 23. To Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, the film stars Bruce Willis.

Directed by Randall Emmet, the narrative unfolds around an FBI sting operation in Florida around a series of murders of women that seem to have a common edge. This will be the first time that Fox and Kelly share the big screen.

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