Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Paru Itagaki’s manga on which the anime is based was completed at the end of last year. Still, there is enough material left for another 12, maybe even 24 episodes. In addition, “Beast Complex”, a manga continuation by Itagaki, has been released this year, in which more from the world of the Beastars is told in short stories. These stories could also be adapted. The anime is produced by Orange Studios. Before it ends up on Netflix with us, it will be broadcast on Japanese television. There are currently no official announcements from Netflix that there will be a sequel. But that doesn’t have to mean anything, because international exploitation didn’t start until July 2022.

Is there a third season of “Beastars” coming?

Since the preparatory work for such a CG anime like “Beastars” is extremely complex, it can be assumed that the manga will be filmed in full. Unless he had lost a lot of viewers in the second season. But that’s hard to imagine because fans of the anime should definitely be thrilled by the second season, which provides us with very exciting revelations. It is to be hoped that the provider, as is usually the case, will officially announce how the series will continue in four to six weeks.

How could it go on?

Even if the extension is not yet certain, one can still dream of a continuation. If you look at the end of the second season and compare it with the story arcs of the manga, you can predict a little what course the next episodes could take.

Tems killer is finally known and Legoshi has fought an epic battle with the alpaca killer. That would probably have gone wrong had Louis not sacrificed a leg for him. For the first time, Legos was able to eat meat and gain additional strength that enabled him to win the fight against the bear. But this moment will change Legoshi’s life significantly because the consequences are drastic.

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