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Did You Saw Chris Hemsworth’s Cameo In ‘Loki’? See Here

Almost nearing the end of his first season – so far the only confirmed – on Disney +, Loki is causing a sensation among viewers and, mainly, among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in particular and that of the House of Ideas in general. Fully involved in the complex task of shaping the Multiverse, the fiction that is the first solo of the character played by Tom Hiddleston in the MCU presents its own timeline through an addictive starring the God of Deception in which they come into play Really interesting elements like the Time Variation Authority, the Time Keepers and, of course, the variants.

Throughout its first season, Loki has presented us with different variants, people who have deviated from the path that the Guardians created to preserve the correct flow of time. The Loki played by Hiddleston is a Variant and, like him, there are others and it is important that all are controlled so as not to alter the line. One of the variants that have given the most to speak for the weight it has had in the plot is Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), but the Marvel Studios series for Disney + has presented us with many others, such as the classic Loki, Loki child, Loki President or crocodile Loki, among many others. And some have caused the outright rage.

In the fifth episode of Loki, he also presented us with a lot of them, while confirming and denying theories, raising new ones, and introducing a few more ‘easter-eggs to the already long list of nods to the UCM. However, there is one detail that we have surely all overlooked – it was impossible not to, it must be said, too – until series director Kate Herron revealed it in an interview with For All Nerds.

According to the interview published by said publication, which you can see below these lines, Chris Hemsworth himself, the person in charge of embodying Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recorded a cameo for the episode in question. It is true that he did not get in front of the camera, but he did lend his voice to the Frog Thor, who has also been referred to as Throg, who they find trapped and trying to escape from a small jar when they descend into the bunker. There, in fact, the famous hammer of Thor is also seen in passing.

We shot Chris Hemsworth for that, actually. We record him. His voice screaming ‘Ahhhh’ is a brand new recording. “It’s not recycled,” Herron promises. “He recorded that.”

Also, the writer and producer Eric Martin revealed that there was another scene in which Loki and Throg were part and that it got to be shot, but that it did not pass the final cut. “We shot a scene for episode 1 of Loki getting pounded by Thor Frog, but we had to cut it to get things moving. It’s a shame because Tom [Hiddleston] was fun as hell.”

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