Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

In ” Loki ” episode 5 the course was set for the final. The big question is answered: Who is hiding in the castle beyond the void? But the real highlight of the new episode at Disney + was the different Loki variants, especially Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki.

The star, most certainly known from ” Can You Ever Forgive Me? ” Or ” Star Wars 9 – The Rise of Skywalker “, has now commented on a possible “Loki” spin-off. He jokingly explains that it was fun to be the only one of the Loki variants to be able to talk to the alligator Loki.

“I’m the Doctor Dolittle of the Marvel Universe when it comes to talking to alligators,” explains the established actor. “I’m fluent in alligator! Put that in my contract when I do a series about the classic old Loki [ …] and do the alligators “.

When asked in an interview with US magazine Entertainment Weekly whether he would confirm that his appearance in “Loki” would not be his last in the Marvel universe, Grant evades: “If I had a muscle suit, [I will return ] definitely [back] “.

The Briton is referring to the fact that he looked relatively thin in his costume. The comic book template would be very muscular, according to Grant, and the star had hoped that a muscle suit would also make him look a little more muscular in the series, but he was denied that.

Richard E. Grant does not give a clear rebuff to an appearance in upcoming Marvel projects, but humorously he alludes to the fact that another appearance is not planned. But as so often in the MCU: never say never!

Marvel Movies 2022-2023: These movies and Disney + series await you in Phases 4 & 5! On July 14th, 2022, the finale of “Loki” will finally appear in the Disney + novelty program and then we will finally have clarity about how things will continue. “Loki” Season 2 seems to be a sure thing so far if the finale doesn’t take a different direction.

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