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Nurse Melinda, played by Alexandra Breckenridge ( “This Is Us” ), has had enough of the turbulent life in Los Angeles. She is applying for a position as a midwife and nurse in the middle of northern California. But she quickly realizes that even in the idyllic “Virgin River ” everyday life brings its problems with it and she cannot easily shake off her past. We tell you what the odds are for season 4 of the Netflix series.

What are the chances of “Virgin River” season 4?

“Virgin River” is one of the current hits of the streaming service Netflix. The series about American small-town life is somewhere between drama and romance, making it perfect for a series marathon. Calm and well told, the series shows life in “Virgin River”, a city somewhere between “Gilmore Girls” and “Friday Night Lights”.

Netflix is ​​notorious when it comes to giving out viewer numbers. And so there is hardly any data on “Virgin River” either. However, if you look at the speed at which the series is being renewed, it seems to have found its target audience in Netflix’s eyes. The first season was available in the stream in December 2019, just two years later the third season will start in July 2022.

“Virgin River” Season 4 not yet confirmed

So far, the fourth season has not yet been confirmed, even if there are already rumors that production has already started for it. If you follow the history of the release so far, it may well be that Netflix will soon create facts here and that season 4 may already be released in summer 2022. At least there is a good chance of an official message from Netflix. In any case, there is already enough inspiration for more episodes, because the book series by author Robyn Carr, on which the series is based, currently comprises a total of 22 books.

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of “Virgin River” and are looking for the ultimate feel-good show, you will find all 30 episodes on Netflix in the stream.

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