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“Loki” finally opened the door to the Multiverse in the penultimate episode – and that made for a real comedy highlight that delighted a number of MCU fans.

– Warning: Spoilers for episode 5 of “Loki” will follow! –

Even the post-credits scene from episode 4 announced a lot of fun for the “Loki” audience. In it, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) finally found himself in an apocalyptic world after his truncation and faced four Loki versions that could not have been more different. Episode 5 of “Loki” proved that our anticipation for this meeting of the gods of the joke was definitely justified.

Because in the void, just before the end of time, the Lokis provided a truly entertaining ride, but there is a clear winner: Alligator Loki. Even after the end of the previous episode, fans were curious about what the reptile with the iconic Loki horns was all about and episode 5 provided a clear answer: Even in the extensive Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Alligator-Loki is an absolute comedy Gold.

The completely absurd concept alone: ​​The fact that Loki is actually an alligator in a parallel world border on madness, which is damn funny. Compared to Frosch-Thor, who also appeared in the episode, this Loki has an advantage with his natural shape, but his real strength is of course the entertainment factor for us viewers, which is also proven by the following reactions:

“After watching the new episode of ‘Loki’ I have to say that Florida-Loki is my new favorite Loki.”

That’s why Alligator Loki makes so much fun.

This entertainment factor results from several factors. On the one hand, there is the clever decision that we cannot understand Alligator-Loki. As with Chewbacca, it takes a translator, which was the classic Loki (Richard E. Grant) here. This leads to some funny situations, for example, when, according to the classic Loki, the reptile reacts thinly to the Alioth metaphor with the shark tank because there is no alligator tank, but we only hear this reaction as a growl. It is also interesting that there is an expression in alligator that means a growl and “stop lying” at the same time.

But best of all are the reactions of the others to this crazy Loki version. The variant that we follow in the Marvel series asks at the beginning, visibly irritated, whether the alligator is also a Loki, which the other answer in the affirmative, and our Loki grabs resignedly with a “Great, nice. I can accept that ”notes. Even the President-Loki asks completely unnerved in the bunker what an alligator is doing here.

Alligator Loki starts the funniest scene from episode 5.

Even the direction is used for a little gag with the Loki alligator, as the camera often points at the alligator Loki to capture his reaction to something. It’s just that he’s an alligator and accordingly expressionless, which takes this standard directing trick to the point of absurdity.

Fortunately, the alligator Loki isn’t limited to just reactions or lack of them. In response to the boastful Loki (Deobia Oparei) reproach that he was only here because he had eaten the wrong neighbor’s cat, the reptile attacked him without further ado. Obviously not for the first time, because after a small mix the situation eases again immediately. Typical Lokis. A nice side note from this is that the alligator was actually supposed to be eating one of its neighbor’s cats, but caught the wrong one. This also raises the question of whether Alligator Loki has normal sir neighbors or whether they are also animals, but who in turn have cats.

The alligator Loki starts what is surely the craziest scene of the whole episode when he bites off the arm of president Loki and devours it with relish, which leads to a fantastic Loki turmoil.

With episode 5 of “Loki”, the MCU has impressively shown how crazy it can be to immerse yourself in the multiverse. If it gets as entertaining and creative as this, we can only look forward to the future of the series and of course, we wish for more alligator Loki and/or other animal forms from Marvel characters.

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