Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

The anime series “SK8 the Infinity” is being continued with a new project. Season 2 of the sports anime or an adaptation of the comedy spin-off “Sk8 Chill Out!”

At the beginning of July, the official Twitter account of the anime series “SK8 the Infinity” announced that a new project for “SK8 the Infinity” was being planned. It is not yet known whether the anime will have a season 2, a sequel as a TV special, or a movie. You could see season 1 of the anime in a simulcast on Wakanim.

Is there a release date for “SK8 the Infinity” Season 2?

A release date has not yet been announced. As it is not clear in what form “SK8 the Infinity” will return, a date for launch is pure speculation. Depending on whether it’s season 2, a movie, or a TV special, it might be realistic to see it in the course of 2022.

Is there a trailer for “SK8 the Infinity” Season 2?

There is currently no trailer. The project announcement was accompanied by a video from scenes from the first season and could already indicate that you could see all the familiar faces from the series again.

A new anime project is started. “SK8 the Infinity” was shown so much love that it was decided to start a new project on the anime. Further information will be announced on the official website or here on the Twitter channel. Look forward to it!

SK8 the Infinity: plot.

Unfortunately, you can only speculate about the action as well as about the start date. Since a short clip with scenes from season 1 was released with the announcement, there are some indications that I can look forward to a continuation of the series.

After the argument with Adam, Reki and Langa realized why they were skating. For them, it is not about victories and defeats, not about competition. It’s all about having fun skating with your friends. The plot of season 1 is complete in itself, but the adventures of the gang that took part in the “S” are certainly not told.

SK8 the Infinity: Production.

The anime “SK8 the Infinity” was created in the renowned Studio Bones (“My Hero Academia”, “Carole and Tuesday”) under the direction of Hiroko Utsumi. Director Utsumi is known for her works “Banana Fish” and “Free!” known. Ichiro Ohkouchi (“Devilman Crybaby”) wrote the script for the series, while Michinori Chiba (“Basilisk – Chronicle of the Koga Ninja”) did the character design. If there is no change of studio, it is to be expected that the team will take over production again for the new project.


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