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Season 3 of the DC series “Batwoman” starts in October 2022. The series receives prominent support from “Riverdale” Release Robin Givens. Will Ryan find her mother in Jada Jet?

The new episodes of “Batwoman” will start as early as October 2022 on the US broadcaster The CW. In season 3 of the superhero series, Javicia Leslie returns as Ryan Wilder and faces numerous cult villains. But with “Riverdale” release Robin Givens a new player appears in Gotham.

The release date for “Batwoman” season 3.

The CW will resume the series sooner than previously thought. Fans of the batwoman look forward to seeing you again on Wednesday, October 13th. On the same day “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” was released shortly before after only a short break with season 7.

Is there a trailer for “Batwoman” Season 3?

Despite the imminent start of the new episodes, there is still no image material for the new season. But that should change very soon, then, of course, you can find the trailer for the series with us.

Batwoman: Season 3 plot.

At the end of the second season, Ryan learns that her biological mother is still alive. Since Ryan was always on his own, this represents a special situation. For Javicia Leslie this development brings a lot of potentials. However, it is still unclear in which direction this revelation will develop.

To the revelation that the mother is alive, Ryan’s struggle as a loner also takes a turn against the background that Luke becomes Nightwing in the finale of the second season. So Luke is the new sidekick of Batwoman so that from now on the fight the crime as a team.

Kate’s story comes to a (preliminary) end. After her memory is restored, she decides to leave Gotham to find her cousin Bruce Wayne. With that, Kate Ryan finally hands over the baton as Batwoman.

In the finale of “Batwoman” season 2, Circe stole the penguin’s umbrella, mad hatter’s hat, and other rogue weapons from the Bat Cave and distributed them around the world. Including Poison Ivy’s vines that have taken root and are beginning to sprout.

When is “Batwoman” season 4 coming?

At the moment it is not official how things will go after season 3 with “Batwoman”. While the hype about “Batwoman” was high at the beginning and the change of actress from Ruby Rose to Javicia Leslie was positively received by many fans of the series, many user ratings and falling audience numbers seem to speak a different language. Now it remains to be seen how season 3 develops, but nasty tongues claim that “Batwoman” could possibly be discontinued after season 3.

“Batwoman” Season 3: Cast.

Almost all of the leading actors around Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder return in season 3 of the superhero series. For Wallis Day as Kate Kane and Dougray Scott as Jacob, however, the journey ends. A return in later seasons or even at the end of the third season is not completely ruled out.

In return, “Batwoman” season 3 gets prominent reinforcements with Robin Givens (“Riverdale”). She will portray Jada Jet, the chairman of Jet Industries and potential mother of Ryan Wilder.

Production of “Batwoman” season 3.

Apparently little has changed in production. The idea for the series came from Caroline Dries (“The Vampire Diaries”), who is also part of the executive producer team. Since the episodes of the first and second seasons had to change directors, these are not yet known for season 3.

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