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Billie ( Sarah Shahi ), the protagonist of Sex / Life , breaks with her routine and embarks on a journey of unbridled sex in which she reunites with her former partner. This story, which many will think is fictional, is based on the memoirs of BB Easton, the author of the book 44 Chapters About 4 Men . By taking their experiences to the small screen there have been many changes, but all part of the same premise: a happy marriage, a woman who wants to rekindle passion and ex-partners who have nothing to do with what she is now.

In the book, Easton travels through the four main couples in her life until she reaches her husband, Kevin. Before him he was with “a tattooed turned United States Marine and later an outlaw in a motorcycle club, a boy-faced punk rocker on parole and a heavy metal bassist.” The writer began the diary as a way to connect with her past self, that is, to show herself that she was still the same person.

It also served to give their relationship a little of the passion they had forgotten about. She put the book in a place where her husband could read it and he got the idea right away. “He improved his game,” Easton explains to Oprah Daily . In real life, she did not leave him to go into the arms of her ex, but the concept they deal with in the series is similar: a mother rediscovers her more sexual side and works to regain the vitality she had when she was younger.

“It is the same background as the book. Is there anything that improves? She explores the same question … Increase the drama,” says the author, who also believes that it is “totally surreal” to see her life transformed into a television series for Netflix : “Seeing those precious humans giving life to characters that are based on me and my husband as we sit on our 12-year-old torn sofa in sweatpants and on day 587 of quarantine… We are excited.”

Although in Sex/Life the protagonist finds what she needed thanks to her lover, BB Easton recommends that couples who are in the same situation talk. “Anyone in a long-term relationship. Nothing is 100% perfect. […] Love is there, there is a way to find a way back to it,” he advises.

The first season of Sex/Life is now available on Netflix , the highly sexual fiction starring Sarah Shahi , Adam Demos and Mike Vogel .

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