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Is Claudia Salas Single? Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Some have wondered if the Elite actress, Claudia Salas has children, and in we tell you the answer.

Claudia Salas is one of the most important elite actresses, the famous one who gives life to Rebeka has proven to be irreverent, brave, and very loyal, so she immediately connected with the public.

In that sense, fans want to know everything about the actress, however, rumors are around the internet, and therefore some have begun to say that the actress could be a mother.

Unfortunately for the fans, it is a lie that the protagonist of Elite, Claudia Salas has children, because for now she is only concentrating on her artistic career, and on bringing the best of herself to each project she has, to connecting with the fans.

Who is Claudia Salas’s partner?

Although little is known about the sentimental life of Claudia Salas in real life, her life has taken a 180-degree turn, because, in the new season of the Spanish series, the famous one showed her LGBT side, and now Claudia Salas has been called a homosexual couple.

It is about Martina Cariddi, with whom she shares very special scenes, showing a lesbian couple in the series. Which although, had already shown homosexual experiences, none between two women.

How old is Claudia Salas? “

The Spanish actress, originally from Madrid, was born on July 23, 1994, under the sign of Leo. This means that he is currently 26 years old and that at his young age he has already positioned himself in the world of acting as a benchmark.

Elite is not his only project since he also appeared in “La Peste”, and in Kelvinator.

For now, we will have to wait for the famous to let us know about her romantic relationships in real life if she wants to share them.

For now, it has become clear that Claudia Salas does not have children, and apparently, it is not in her very close plans.

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