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Emma Watson Hid Her Relationship With This Man!

The “Harry Potter” star was exposed in an unexpected interview.

If there are artists that arouse everyone’s interest, one of them is Emma Watson. Emerging from a pool of actors like “Harry Potter”, which brought stars to show business such as Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, or Tom Felton, to mention the most emblematic cases, it became an icon of the industry. She received this title not only for the roles she performed but also for having become a benchmark in various socio-cultural struggles, especially with regard to representation and gender equality.

What perhaps not many expected was that the actress who gave life to Hermione would be exposed by someone who spoke of the relationship they have. If there is something that fans of the Hogwarts wizard-like, it is to know what happens today with the figures of a saga that ended a decade ago and that, for now, seems not to return with their original actors.

In a recent interview, Tom Felton spoke of his relationship with Emma Watson. “We are something. If that makes sense. We have been together for a long time. I adore her. I think it’s fantastic. I hope you return the compliment ”, assured the artist. For many years, fans of the films were delighted to see the two become a couple off the set.

Beyond the fact that the characters of Tom and Emma Watson were enemies in the universe of “Harry Potter”, the two maintained a great relationship once the filming was completed, and even vacationed together in places like South Africa, the actress came to say that for a time she had feelings for her colleague. “In the first two films, I had a crush on Tom Felton. It was my first crush. He knows it. We have talked about it and we continue to laugh. Now we are very great friends,” the artist once said.

The prequel that could have its cameo.

In the week, Disney + confirmed the arrival of a production with which Emma Watson is very identified. There will be a prequel series to “Beauty and the Beast” that will be headed by Luke Evans and Josh Gad, who played Gaston and LeFou, they will be accompanied by Tilly, LeFou’s stepsister, who will be played by Brianna Middleton The events will be set earlier than seen in the 2017 film, so it seems unlikely that Watson will have any involvement.

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