Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

The Mexican thriller series ” Who killed Sara? ” Is getting season 3 from the streaming service Netflix. And even if the identity of Sara’s murderer was revealed in season 2, there are still a few questions that the new episodes have to answer.

When does “Who killed Sara?” Season 3 Release?

Netflix viewers look like “Who killed Sara?” After the 8th and final episode. Season 2 is a fade-in that is sure to make the hearts of many fans beat faster. “It’s official: there will be another season.”

The premiere edition of “Who Murdered Sara?” appeared on Netflix in March 2022. At this point, season 2 was already in production and was released in May 2022. In such a record-breaking short time, the third season will unfortunately not be released on Netflix this time.

We expect the usual production time of around a year, which is why it should be ready in spring 2022: Then season 3 of “Who murdered Sara?” most likely to appear on Netflix. But it may take a little longer.

The plot from “Who killed Sara?” season 3

Most of the open questions of Season 1 of “Who Murdered Sara?” were clarified in Issue 2, but many new problems have also surfaced. During the great fire that Elisa set, Marifer reveals that she cut the straps of the paraglider.

But is the Netflix series over now? No! Because in the very last moments of season 2, Nicandro reveals that he and the psychiatric doctor Dr. AlanĂ­s are Sara’s real killers. Nicandro sent the doctor money to lie to Sara’s brother, Alex.

But how can that be if Marifer really cut the harness? Did something else contribute to Sara’s death? The hunt for Sara’s murderer will continue in season 3 because sooner or later Alex will probably find out that the real culprits have not yet been found.

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