Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Few end of the season generated as much impact as happened with ” Peaky Blinders ” a few months ago, and that is why the sixth installment of the series has become the maximum obsession of the followers of this story. However, the release date of it is a mystery that reveals more than one, although at this time a rumor began to circulate that if confirmed, it would make viewers very happy.

After going through a lot of hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic, the filming of the new BBC hit fiction episodes was finally finished , and according to a report by Geo News, the big premiere could be closer than it is. thought. This chain slid the possibility that that date is at the end of September of this year, and not in May 2022 as speculated until now.

Last week the official Twitter account of ” Peaky Blinders ” shared a photograph with which it announced the completion of the filming of this new and final season, where they also included a text that reads: “Many thanks to the cast and crew of the season 6 of ‘Peaky Blinders’. They’ve given it their all. And it’s going to be epic. ” Add to that the speculation about when the episodes might come out, and the result is that fans are more anxious than ever.

Beyond this, some issues must be taken into account, such as the fact that the fifth season took 16 months to complete, and if we follow that chronology, the possibility that the new installment will only appear in May of next year is equally likely. These are defining times and all the followers of ” Peaky Blinders ” await news attentive to what the production company may announce.

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Doubts about the plot

The last episode of ” Peaky Blinders ” generated pleasant sensations among the spectators, since its development had a lot of suspense and intensity. However, for the new season there are several issues to resolve, such as the writers’ decision regarding the late actress Helen McCroy, who played Polly Gray. The family aunt was one of the mainstays throughout the series, but the unexpected death of the artist altered plans. What will happen to her?

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