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Biohackers Season 2: Netflix Announces Release Date


Netflix just surprised its fans with the release date announcement of one of its most-watched tv shows. Our Monday got even better when Netflix went on Instagram to announce the release date of Biohackers Season 2.

Biohackers Season 2: When Is It Releasing?

So after waiting for months, overlapping timezones and grinding cosmic fan theories, Netflix has finally announced that the second season of its one of the most successful German series, Biohackers will be released on July 9 only on Netflix.

The Instagram post is captioned,

“We’ve been M.I.A, but we’re back. July 9.”

In addition, the German actor Thomas Kretschmann (“Captain America”, “Avengers”) will join the new season. The first images from Netflix also prove what to expect in the sequel! A short recap at this point: Mia (Luna Wedler) blames her lecturer for the death of her brother and comes across the dangerous world of illegal gene experiments.

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Biohackers Season 2: What Will Happen?

With regards to the large declaration, Netflix likewise charmed us with the principal pictures of “Biohackers” Season 2! After the devotees of the arrangement were left with a HEAVY cliffhanger in season 1 (that’s right, we haven’t processed it right up ’til today), everybody needs to realize what occurs next on the Netflix arrangement.

In the event that you take a gander at the principal pictures of season 2, there is the primary stun: It appears as though Mia is being held. Is it due to the dreadful educator Tanja Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz)? In one picture it additionally seems as though Jasper (Adrian Julius Tillmann) and Mia are drawing nearer. Will both of them reunite or is Mia still with his flatmate Niklas (Thomas Prenn)?Mia’s flat mates Lotta (Caro Cult), Chen Lu (Jing Xiang) and Ole (Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer) will have loads of fun.

The last specifically is known for his insane investigations. Yet, the companions have effectively been Mia’s rescuer a couple of times, will they attempt to free their flatmate?

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