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The Witcher: Season 2? Premiere Date Revealed?

Fans of the fantasy genre can really look forward to highlights at the end of 2021: ” The Witcher ” Season 2 is finally coming to the Netflix streaming service after production was repeatedly delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The shooting has now been completed.

“The Witcher”: Release Date Season 2

There is currently no official release date for “The Witcher” Season 2. However, Netflix is ​​said to be planning to stream the series later this year. Since filming has already been completed, fans can expect to see “The Witcher” Season 2 from the third quarter.

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“The Witcher” Trailer Season 2

An official trailer for “The Witcher” season 2 has not yet been released. At the end of the filming of the new episodes, however, a short video was released in which we get a foretaste of what to expect:

“The Witcher”: Season 2 plot

Convinced that Yennefer lost her life during the Battle of Sodden, Geralt of Rivia takes Princess Cirilla to the safest place he knows, his childhood home Kaer Morhen. While the [ethnic groups of the continent] outside the walls [Kaer Morhens] strive for supremacy, he has to protect the girl from something far more dangerous: the mysterious powers that she carries deep within her.

Compared to the first season, the plot in “The Witcher” season 2 should largely be told in chronological order, as numerous time jumps in the plot of “The Witcher” season 1 caused confusion.

Ciri’s witcher training will feature prominently in Season 2 of The Witcher. Geralt takes Ciri to the witcher fortress Kaer Morhen. There Ciri will complete the training to be a witch. Meanwhile, the first new monster, a Myriapod, has been confirmed for “The Witcher” Season 2.

When Ciri’s magical powers come to light during her training, Triss Merigold (Anna Shaffer) is consulted. Then Ciri goes to the magic school in Aretusa.

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